5 Quick Questions With…A Republican Running for Office!

The first time Lindsay Doering played quizzo, he approached me and demanded that the Big Bopper was not aboard the plane on the day the music died. He and his team, the now infamous WTF, were wrong, but I appreciated his vim and vigor, and quickly tagged him with the nickname Bopper. Well, the Boppper has decided to test the political waters, and is running against Babette Josephs to be elected State Representative for the 182nd District, which covers much of Center City. It is not my disctrict (I miss it by one measly block) but if it were, Lindsay Doering would be the first Republican I ever voted for. Why? For a couple of reasons. First of all, he’s a stand up guy who I would trust to do the right thing. Secondly, because his opponent, Babette Josephs, voted for the pay raise. And third, because he is opposing the dreadful casinos that threaten to harm our city. I recently interviewed Doering and asked him five quick questions.

Doering discusses casinos, pay raises, and Beavis and Butthead after the jump!

1. One of the most hated taxes in this city is the Business Privilege Tax. Does it behoove Philadelphia to chase away potential entrepreneurs who don’t want to pay money for the opportunity to start a business?

I think the city is starting to get the message on this and it is sure to be a big
issue in the next mayors race. As far as the state goes – Pennsylvania has to
stop doling out special incentives to individual businesses to keep them here
(this in effect increases the taxes the rest of us have to pay). Entreprenuers
and small business owners don’t always have the clout needed get these special deals from the state. We need to lower and reform corporate taxes for ALL Pennsylvania businesses across the board. This will ultimately grow tax revenues and increase jobs.

2. A hot topic in this city is the coming of the casinoes. Do you think that legalized gambling is the answer to our cities woes?

Casinos not only are not the answer to our city’s woes, they will make things worse. Over the long term casinos will drain millions of dollars out of our local economy, clog our streets with traffic, increase crime and cause gambling addiction. They will NOT lower our taxes in the long run – look at N.J. – 30 years of casinos and they are running a multi-billion dollar deficit. PA has a $800 million SURPLUS. Sorry to be a downer on this; but people have to know. Last summer the press was saying we are America’s next great city – the state should not be treating us like an urban wasteland. Don’t listen to elected officials who says this fight is over. This fight has only just begun.

3. You are running against Babette Josephs. Was she one of the legislaters who voted for a pay raise in that infamous middle of the night session? What were your thoughts on the pay raise?

She voted FOR the pay riase. She also voted in favor of bringing casinos to Philadelphia. I was offended by the pay raise but we will get over that; we will be living with the casinos from here on out.

4. What movie would you most want to see on the big screen at the Trocadeo on a movie monday?

Hmmm…you guys just did Office Space. How about another Mike Judge movie like Beavis and Butthead Do America – that’s an epic that really should be seen on thebig screen.

5. If you win, will the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan be invited to your victory party?


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