Yeah, it was that kind of party

pee wee 002 (Custom).jpg
I’ve seen Pee Wees Big Adventure like 50 times, and I’ve never had as much fun watching it as I did last night at the Trocadero. We had some fun pregame with Pee Wee trivia, then an overflow crowd packed the balcony to watch the greatest film ever made. At halftime, I gave away more free stuff, and Matt won two tickets to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah by doing the best Pee Wee impersonation, knocking off three other competitors. The entire crowd singing “The stars at night…” nearly brought me to tears, I was so moved.

Me and some peeps then headed to Bar Noir where, I kid you not, I got into a conversation with a hooker. I mean, I should have known when this drop dead gorgeous black girl started flirting with a guy who looks like Pee Wee Herman, but she didn’t beat around the bush or ask me to pay her tab or pull any other Detroit moves. She told me what she did, we chatted for a while, and that was that. She was really nice. I then kicked it with my peeps until the wee hours and watched some bad stand up comedy (though my man, local comedian Chip Chantry, killed it). Finally, I returned home and played some Tecmo Bowl, which I have downloaded onto my computer. It’s incredible. For more pics from last night, click below.
NEXT WEEK: High Fidelity, the only romantic comedy ever that doesn’t suck.

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Yeah, I got it like that.

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Matt, the winner of the Pee Wee sound alike contest.