This week’s questions

I’ll have results from this week’s quizzo manana, ’cause it’s too nice to not go to the ballgame today (did you think the life of leisure thing was a joke?) But here’s the article that kind of inspired the literature round. Fun article about the original titles of books. It’s where I found out that F. Scott wanted the Great Gatsby to be called Trimalchio in West Egg. Meanwhile, there was a lot of fuss about Indianapolis in terms of Daylights Savings Time. Here’s the thing: After years of not having DST, Indiana just passed a law this year that makes them have it. A few counties are still central standard, but Indianapolis is not one of them. A lot of you missed the Average Homeboy, which means that, apparently, nobody reads this website, since I talk about him all the time. Here is the interview I did with him. You must watch the average homeboy video if you haven’t already. And of course there will be all new questions tonight.