Not Getting Much Done

Yeah, sorry peeps. I’ve been a slacker today. Somebody sent me an email telling me that I was being passive aggressive about something and then I called a smart friend of mine to find out what it meant and they told me that yeah, I am kind of passive aggressive, so then I was kind of pissed about these lies, but I didn’t want to let on, so I just kind of dropped a few hints about how I felt about being called passive aggressive but didn’t really confront it, because hey, it’s all a bunch of lies anyway, right? And the next thing you know, it’s time to work on my questions for tonight. So there you have it. And as far as my Pluto petition goes, it’s fine. I didn’t want you guys to sign it, anyway. So, it’s kool. You guys didn’t hurt my feelings by ignoring my heartfelt plea for help. So don’t worry about it. Because it’s no big deal.