I’m Back, B****!

san fran 036 (Custom).jpg
I rolled into the illaldelph yesterday at about 3:30 p.m., then went to Delassandro’s for my first Philly meal, a cheesesteak. Not as good as Jim’s but still damn good. Then I headed to the Philadelphia Best Of… party last night. It was ok. They had a great band, the Blue Method, and some decent finger food. The scene was a little too sceney for me, but there was a lot of eye candy and I got to meet the Hurricane (Glen, not Ruben). Disaster didn’t strike until the end, when the valet service totally screwed everyting up. My date and I waited over an hour while they tried to find her car keys. There was an enormous line of people waiting, but the valets put the keys in the wrong order, and nobody could find anything. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the weather outside wasn’t 95 degrees, so everybody was covered in sweat. I will have to hand it to the valet service though. Although they totally screwed everything up, they did try to handle it with humor and didn’t let the thing explode, like it could have. Still, pretty inexcusable. I doubt they’re gonna be named Best Of Philly anytime soon. That’s like me forgetting to bring questions to Quizzo Bowl. Anyways, I’m more excited about tonight than I was about last night. Gonna be nice to rock the mic again.