The Last Meal

leftovers and jims 022 (Custom).jpgOn Monday night, Trivia Art, my friend Suzanne, and I headed out for my final Philly meal before the road trip began. I figured I’d hit up Jim’s and grab a steak. Man it was awesome. Jim’s is always great, but sometimes you get one that goes beyond great, and this was one of those times. Well, I figured that I was going to have to take it to the next level, so after Jim’s I wandered down the street and, you guessed it, hit up Lorenzo’s for a slice.
leftovers and jims 023 (Custom).jpg
Lorenzo’s is way hit or miss. Sometimes it is so-so, and sometimes it makes a solid pitch for best pizza in the city. Unfortunately, this was one of those so-so times. It’s still entirely edible when it’s so-so, so I chowed down. The follow photo was taken three hours later. It was not a joke.
leftovers and jims 024 (Custom).jpg