Johnny Goodtimes Is Doing America Right!

That’s right, peeps, I’m going cross country…and what’s even better, I’m gonna be blogging about it the whole way. Yeah, I answered this ad that I saw on philadelphiawilldo, and had an interview with the good people at a few days later. And lo and behold, I was the blogger they chose (I think my famous pink ruffled tuxedo shirt that I wore to the interview swayed them in my direction). Here’s the deal: I’m gonna be going cross country in a tractor trailer with an absurdly large billboard attached to the back, and cruising from city to city, trying to convince people to check out all of the free services that has to offer. I’ll also be getting into as many ridiculous adventures along the way as I possibly can. Just think of this as a month long rhubarb pie bake off!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Johnny, this sounds like you’ve sold out to the man!” To which I can only respond, “You’re damn right I have! And the man can fulfill all of your traffic needs, just by checking out his website.” I’ll have a lot more info on this in the coming days, including how you can help me plan the adventure, so be sure to check back…and yes, there will still be quizzo. Trivia Art and Jam Master Sean will fill in for me while I’m gone.