Here’s the deal

Alright, gang, today is takeoff day, and I’m currently located in the exotic locale of…Wayne, PA! Yeah, the truck needed to get inspected. The hope is that I’ll make it to DC in time to host quizzo, but that is a crapshoot due to the late departure and the type of traffic that DC gets. So we’ll see. I’m gonna start blogging on the other site soon. Here’s the deal for the next several weeks.
1) Quizzo will be hosted by Trivia Art and Jam Master Sean. They both have plenty of quizzo hosting experince and both do a good job, so you’re in good hands.
2) You may only play once a week. With as much as I’ve got going on, there’s just no way for me to find time to come up with more than one set of questions per week. Sorry.
3) You will be able to follow me for the next several weeks on, where I’ll be relating my adventures across America as well as asking for your advice on where to go and what to do. I hope you’ll follow my exciting trek!