Philly’s Premiere Spermologer Hits the Big Time

Media Circus Surrounds Philly Quizmaster

PHILADELPHIA, PA (October 5, 2004) – Johnny Goodtimes, Philadelphia’s premiere spermologer (defined as a collector of trivia) and self proclaimed “King of Quizzo” was featured in today’s edition of the Daily News.

Well, not exactly featured, but he figured prominently in Dan Gross’s daily column. Ok, so he got a sentence at the end of the page. HOWEVER- ?Johnny Goodtimes? was printed in bold type alongside Sixer Kyle Korver, indicating that he has joined the ranks of the local elite. Therefore, I assume you as reporters are all scrambling to find out more about this now celebrity quizmaster and beat your fellow writers to the punch of what could all but guarantee a Pulitzer Prize.

Though Goodtimes is widely recognized as the Dali Lama of trivia, much of his background remains a mystery. We do know that he was born in eastern Virginia, and played against Allen Iverson in Boo Williams? Summer Basketball League. After college, he took his talents to Hawaii, where he was a dolphin trainer, bringing the likes of Kobe Bryant, Al Gore, and Comedian Jon Lovitz into the water with our wetter mammalian counterparts. He then moved to Philadelphia, and after discovering the uniquely-Philly sport of “Quizzo”, successfully started his own empire – hosting the event at 7 locations weekly throughout the city.

To find out more about Quizzo and to see one of the most unusual websites in Philly, go to All media requests will be handled in the order they were received, and if divo (that’s masculine for diva) Johnny does not like the way the interview is going, you will be rudely asked to leave. Now that he is famous (did I mention the boldfaced type?), odds are that he will only be able to meet you at his leisure. That’s a chance you take when dealing with this type of celebrity (In Dan’s column, Johnny was mentioned only inches down from DiCaprio and Affleck, ?nuff said.) But if Philadelphia’s latest megastar is able to find time for you, I assure you it will be well worth it!

Let the media circus begin!

For more information about this release, contact Johnny Goodtimes through
this e-mail address or by calling 215-327-4191