Local Quizmaster to Help Cast Upcoming WB Reality Show

PHILADELPHIA, PA (October 12, 2004) – Local Quizmaster Johnny Goodtimes is helping Philadelphia Casting locate worthy candidates for an upcoming reality/quiz show on the WB Network. The national program, as of yet untitled and due to be released next year, will feature single males between the ages of 21-35 with above average IQs.

Since Johnny is widely acknowledged as the ?King of the the Dorks? in the Philadelphia area, he was the logical choice to search out such men. ?Johnny knows what we are looking for, has the pulse of the local intellectual community, and we are thrilled to be working with him,? said Susan Gish, casting director Philadelphia Casting.

Those interested in trying out for this show should attend one of Johnny?s Quizzo Spectaculars from now until October 21 (you can find the quizzo schedule and more details about the contest on
https://johnnygoodtimes.com.) If Johnny thinks you have what it takes, you will try out for casting directors from Los Angeles at Philadelphia Casting in Old City on Friday, October 22nd. If anyone from Philly is selected, they will be flown out to LA to participate in the show for two weeks in January.

For more information about this release, contact Johnny Goodtimes through this e-mail address or by calling 215-327-4191.