Johnny’s #1

jgt.jpgCity Paper named Johnny Goodtimes best quizzo master in their Choice Awards issue. And while the acknowledgement of “Best Dolphin Trainer Turned Quizmaster” was a great honor, Johnny was even more overjoyed at the fact that the good people of Philadelphia voted him “Best Local Celebrity,” defeating the likes of AI, TO, and Hurricane Schwartz. Thanks, peeps!!! The City Paper article is written below.

Best Dolphin Trainer Turned Quizzo-Master
Quizzo masters can be lots of fun or very, very painful. (What’s the deal with the guy who peppers his questions with commentary like “I think [insert historical figure here] was a little fruity”?) Luckily for us, every weeknight there’s a Quizzo owned and operated by one Johnny Goodtimes, who combines a serious trivia obsession with the knowledge that these things are supposed to be fun, people! And how many so-called Quizzo “masters” out there can claim they spent years training dolphins in Hawaii? We almost lost Goodtimes this year to a sea-lion gig in Mexico (you can’t make this stuff up), but he turned it down for the love of Philly Quizzo. Aw.

So go grab a copy and read it in good old fashioned news print or follow this link and check out the rest of the Choice Award Winners.