Johnny Goodtimes Voted “Best Local Celebrity”

PHILADELPHIA, PA (October 29, 2004) – In a battle of Philadelphia’s favorite acronyms, who would have guessed that the winner would not be TO or AI, but JGT? In a contest held by Philadelphia’s City Paper, former dolphin trainer turned quizmaster Johnny Goodtimes was voted “Best Local Celebrity” in what was unquestionably the biggest upset in America since…well, since the Red Sox won the World Series.

Goodtimes has long considered himself to be the International King of
Quizzo, the remarkably popular bar game that has taken Philadelphia by storm. The writers of City Paper concurred, bestowing the honor of
“Best-Dolphin-Trainer-Turned-Quizzo-Master” on Johnny in its “Choice
Awards” Issue. The City Paper obviously has the pulse of the community, as its citizens also voted the JGT Spectacular “Philly’s Best Quizzo.” But while that honor was expected, Johnny’s fans went a step further, also voting Goodtimes “Best Local Celebrity”.

Quizzo, a bar game that came to America a few years ago from Ireland,
really seems to have struck a cord in Philadelphia, as thousands of
people play at dozens of bars and taverns throughout the city every week.
The game itself is quite simple: participants play in teams of up to eight people, writing down answers to questions given to them by the
quizmaster. The team that scores the highest total points at the end is declared the winner. What separates Johnny from the pack is his unique scoring system, his sense of humor, and a website on which he posts pics of the winners (and occasionally losers), writing bogus and sometimes hilarious stories about the contests.

To find out more about Quizzo, learn a ton of useless but fascinating
knowledge, and to see one of the most unusual websites in Philly, go to

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