What Johnny?s been up to

Ok, gang, sorry I haven?t written in a while, but things have been hectic, and I still haven?t had a day off since I got here. The job has been kool. I went from Puerto Aventuras (near Playa del Carmen) to Isla Mujeres, or “Island of the Women”. There are a couple of rumors as to how it got that name. One is that there were various statues of the goddess Ixchel around the island when it was stumbled upon by Spanish explorer Francisco Cordova in 1517. Another is that there were only women in town when Cordaova?s crew landed, since the men were all out fishing. Anyway, it was no “Island of Women” for me. Actually, I was staying in Cancun for the whole week. After my night on the town with H20, I never returned to the hotel district. I mostly hit local spots, had a coupel of cervezas, adn mellowed out. The sun wears me out, and I just couldn?t muster up the energy to get out for a night of dancing. Did make it to a place called Mextreme once, where a friend of mine plays in the house band. I was out with a very cute Mexican girl, and it was pretty fun. I ended up getting on stage and doing “Rappers Delight”, and the crowd went nuts. I can rap my ass off. Sadly, it didn?t really impress Mexican girl as much as it did the rest of the crowd. Other than that, I didn?t do much. I had to speak at a meeting with the company?s executives yesterday, and I went over like a lead balloon. I don?t know if my humor was lost in translation or if (and this can?t be it) I?m just not funny. Anyway, I caught the boat to Cozumel last night, and I will be here for a week. This is the same place I was in April, so I already know a bunch of the staff, including an incredibly cute girl who works in the office. She met me last night when I got off the boat and we went out for dinner at a Cajun restaurant and watched the Olympics. I haven?t really been able to keep up on TV. I didn?t have a tv at the first place i stayed, and my buddy Drew did not have cable. But I?ve been checking ESPN.com enough to know that the Phillies are totally choking. Well, I gotta get to work. Hope all is well in Philly. The tacos are good, but I can?t wait to eat a cheesesteak.