Sabotage Hurts Ferocious Dump

docwatsons_01_05 (Custom).jpgFerocious Dump had wanted to get the whole Clay Aiken episode behind them. “We’re not even thinking about that clown now that William Hung is on the scene.” Alas, they were forced to think about him one last time, as Johnny’s camera “mysteriously” broke on Tuesday, forcing Johnny to use an old photo after the Dump’s big win. “We have every reason to believe this was an act of sabotage, probably perpetrated by the QLA,” said John Ashcroft from a hospital bed where hopefully he’ll die. “It has all the earmarks of a QLA (Quizzo Liberation Army) strike. They’re still mad that Johnny hasn’t responded to their demands that the True-False Round be dissolved. If Johnny wasn’t such a leftist pinko commie we would do a full investigation. ”
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