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Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Spectacular Media Kit

About Johnny Goodtimes

Johnny Goodtimes is host of nightly quizzos, the remarkably popular bar game that has taken Philadelphia by storm. Johnny has recently been named as the best quizzo host in the city by City Paper.
Though Goodtimes is widely recognized as the Dali Lama of trivia, his background remains a mystery. He was born in a town of 600 people in eastern Virginia and played against Allen Iverson in Boo Williams’ Summer Basketball League. After college, he took his talents to Hawaii, where he was a dolphin trainer, bringing the likes of Kobe Bryant, Al Gore, and Comedian Jon Lovitz into the water with our wetter mammalian counterparts. He then moved to Philadelphia, and after discovering the uniquely-Philly sport of “Quizzo”, successfully started his own empire – hosting the event at 7 locations weekly throughout the city.

About Quizzo

Quizzo, a bar game that came to America a few years ago from Ireland, really seems to have struck a cord in Philadelphia, as thousands of people play at bars and taverns throughout the city every week. The game itself is quite simple: participants play in teams of up to eight people, writing down answers to questions given to them by the quizmaster. The team that scores the highest total points at the end is declared the winner. What separates Johnny from the pack is his unique scoring system, his sense of humor, and a website on which he posts pictures of the winners (and occasionally losers), writing bogus and sometimes hilarious stories about the contests.

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