Johnny Goodtimes Ethics Committee

The Johnny Goodtimes Ethics Committee was founded in 1877 by Rutherford B. Hayes in an attempt to curb cheating at “America’s Pasttime, Quizzo”. The Committee soon came to the aid of Chester A. Goodtimes, who was having problems with mavericks shooting at him when they disagreed with answers. The Committee made firing at Chester a crime punishable by a seven point score deduction, and the gunfire quickly ceased. Several members of the Committee are over 175 years old, and they do not like to be called on by Johnny. When they are called on, their judgement is usually swift and severe. Therefore, Johnny asks that you please not lie, cheat, steal, discharge a firearm or make out with anyone (besides him*) while you are playing the Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Spectacular. Thank you.

*Ladies only, please.
supcourt.jpgJohnny Goodtimes Ethics Committee (from L to R: Steve Perry, Gervase, Mickey Morandini, Gavrilo Princip, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, and Cousin Oliver)