Hitler Supports Limbaugh’s Statements!

Old Bastard
Adolph Hitler came out of hiding in the jungles of South America on Wednesday to voice his support for Rush Limbaugh’s statements, particularly his recent ones about Eagle quarterback Donovan McNabb. Hitler, looking awfully spry for a 114 year old man, said that McNabb is overrated because he’s black, and that the African-American’s performance in the first two games of this season proved that Aryans constitute the superior race, with the possible exception of Keith Van Horn. Hitler says that he is a huge fan of Limbaugh’s. “It’s like he’s saying exactly what I’m thinking!” says Das Fuhrer.

Hitler also claims that George Bush is doing a wonderful job as president. “‘Preventative’ strikes, secretive prison camps, calling anyone who’s not a dyed in the wool patriot an ‘enemy’, it just tickles me pink!”

When asked of the secret of his longevity, Hitler said that his yearly visits to Saudi Arabia did him a lot of good. “Me and Idi Amin used to hang out at the ritziest palaces with the most beautiful women. That Saudi government, they paid for everything!”

Hitler said that his feelings toward McNabb were a little biased, because he is a Dallas Cowboys fan.