Fo’ Quizzel My Nizzel Doggy Dogs Competition!

nicks_10_29 (Custom).jpgMurda Was the Case at Nick’s Roast Beef Wednesday night, as Fo’ Quizzel My Nizzel killed Money For Nothing in Round Four, scoring a miraculous come from behind victory. It was a win that Fo’ Quizzel fans will cherish forever as their team scored fifty points in round five. A new standard was set, as they became the first team to ever go from worst to first in the final round, overcoming 50-38 lead held by Money for Nothing. But Money for Nothing choked in the final round, and don’t think Fo’ Quizzel sharpshooter Reggie Miller let them forget it. The Nation of Quizlam finished third with 84, O’Neals champion Team Hater finished a disappointing fourth with 81, and Happy Mommy was fifth with 80.