Sunday Quizzo Lab

Every Sunday we host a free Quizzo game (tips are accepted). The Sunday Quizzo Lab is our chance to experiment. There will be various styles of scoring, questions, and all around CHICANERY. Care to join us? Sign up now.

There are already [get_sheet_value gsid=”12qTbrQUx9D9TRXRLto7cHjtUB_32GOFt5IGs1F81Kho” location=”NumSignUps”] teams signed up to play this Sunday’s Quizzo Lab.

More on The Sunday Lab.

  • Sunday Night Quizzo
    We are going to be raising money once again for the Young Fathers United. We raised $85 for them this past Sunday, let’s see if we can get over $100 this Sunday. As always the quiz is free, though we do encourage a donation, as it helps out our fellow Philadelphians in need. Thank you … Continue reading Sunday Night Quizzo
  • Play the Sunday Quiz, Promote Charity for Young Dads
    Carl’s gonna take the reins on Sunday night for this week’s quiz. Which, as several of you have rubbed in my face lately, is JUST FINE. If I hear one more time, “Carl would have given us credit for that” or “Carl’s quiz is so much more fun” I’m going to lose it. Jerks. Anyways, … Continue reading Play the Sunday Quiz, Promote Charity for Young Dads
  • Sunday Night Quiz
    We’re pushing Sunday night’s quiz back a half an hour to 8 pm. I know we have a lot of 7 and 7:30 bedtimes, so hoping to help the parents of youngsters. You can sign up for it here. It is free to play but we do accept tips, and 100% of tips this week … Continue reading Sunday Night Quiz
  • Sunday Night Signups for May 24
    Sign ups for the Sunday Night Lab is now live. Each week we try out new types of rounds, scoring systems, etc. It’s free to play, and we donate 50% of tips to charity. The charity we’re donating to this week is Nourished, who provide healthy meals to over 1300 memebers of frontline hospital workers … Continue reading Sunday Night Signups for May 24
  • Sunday Lab Sign Ups
    Time for another Sunday lab, where we’ll be experimenting again this Sunday. It’s free to play, just sign up here and I’ll send you a zoom invite Sunday afternoon. Tips are accepted, and 50% of all tips go to PPEHRC. We raised $150 for charity this past Sunday, so thank everyone for their generosity! Hope … Continue reading Sunday Lab Sign Ups