Tuesday Night Quarantine Quizzo Club

Celebrating Gina’s master’s degree in 2014 at the Urban Saloon, the Federico’s played Quizzo for the first time, and a hobby, even an obsession, was born. While unemployed in 2015, John found a weekly game in Delco and he and Debbie have played nearly every week for five years. At first, the games were at Tavola, then they moved on to Westgate Pub, and finally settled in at Chuck Wynn’s game at Bogart’s in Springfield. In 2016, they started playing at JGT’s Quizzo Bowl, where they formed a fan club for Fastball Bob.

Bars Repped

Chuck Wynn’s


John and Debbie, Gina and Nathan, Christa and Tucker, Uncle Len, Frank, Bonnie, Lina, Jasmine. Towns and cities: Armonk, Bensalem, Boston, Colorado Springs, Mechanicsburg, Media, and Wallingford.

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