Testes Factory

The majority of us have been friends since high school (or earlier) in Marlton, NJ and our romantic partners have joined the team along the way. The “Testes Factory” refers to a South Jersey standardized testing facility (aka a Testing Factory) but with Testes added for flair. A couple of our team members were employed at the Testes Factory way back when.

Bars Repped

We started playing at Bards in 2006, but we’ve definitely played all over. Good Dog, Ugly American, O’Neals, Industry, City Tap House, Founding Fathers, and of course the best spot of all The Vous!


Bill, Bonnie, Julia, Endo, Vanessa, Mike, Kay Marie, and Rich

Claims to Fame

We won the Seinfeld Quizzo of 2012 at The Trestle Inn on a tiebreaking question of Michael Richards age. (We guessed 59, the other team guessed 56. It was 61.) JGT famously (amongst us) kept mishearing me pronounce my name Rich as Ranch, and I’ve been Ranch to all ever since.