Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Answers

Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Answers (formerly Red Dong, formerly Core-entine) came together as a bunch of Penn grads turned NYers hoping to relive the Quizzo of our college “glory” days from the basements of our parents’ suburban homes.

Bars Repped

With our Quizzo experience originating at the bars of University City (City Tap House, The Blarney Stone, Smokey Joes, The Bards – RIP), it was a rude awakening upon moving to New York City to learn that “Quizzo” is, in fact, not a widely understood term outside the City of Brotherly Love. We’re so grateful for virtual Quizzo (especially without the name-that-tune round)!


The current players are all college friends with the occasional stray sibling, parent, or significant other. Unfortunately for us, we are all the same age (Millennials but borderline Gen Z depending on your source), which has NOT served us well with many of Johnny’s throwback pop culture questions.

Claims to Fame

None yet, but we’re hoping to make our splash at SummerSlam. We are very mediocre. Our claim to fame could be our enthusiasm?!