Hoof Hearted

formerly Macaulay Culkin is 40, Covid’s Metamorphoses

After staying Home Alone for most of 2020, living on pizza and microwave mac and cheese, the team formerly known as Covid’s Metamorphoses has reemerged drawing inspiration from perhaps the most relatable actor of our time. The newly christened Macaulay Culkin is 40 is a raucous pre-vacation house with family members from the bogs of Scotland (Chris), the pubs of Ireland (Liam), the sands of Saudi Arabia (Leena), the industrial wastes of New Jersey (John-Paul), the rude forests of Virginia (Claudia) and Oregon (Sonja), the mists of Washington (Greg), the forbidding tundra of Michigan (Rebecca), the slaughterhouses of southwest Ohio (Guy), and the cheesy steaks of Philadelphia (Kevin). We are ready to resume our occasional victories that highlight our remarkable ability to miss the most apparent pop culture questions but come through with our collective knowledge of all things obscure. As we (hopefully) return to the Rendezvous in 2021, we will try to avoid having our zeal at the newfound ability to gather descend into the depraved insanity of Party Monster, but we make no promises.

Bars Repped

Locust Rendezvous


Chris, Liam, Leena, John-Paul, Claudia, Sonja, Greg, Rebecca, Emily, Guy, Kevin

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