Divine Order of the Grease Pole

Fun fact: one of our team members went into labor on the day of our first appearance in the tournament! Naming rights will be one of the prizes at the end of this! JK, the baby’s name will be Gritty Grease Pole Pizza Groundhog, that has already been determined. We recently rebranded our team name after we collectively decided we did not want to make a team logo for the Encyclopedophiles. Making quizzo hosts say that name repeatedly over the years was humiliating enough. ALL HAIL THE GREASE POLE AND THE MEATS AND CHEESES THAT BAKE IN THE SUN AT THE TOP!

Bars Repped

We cut our quizzo teeth at O’Neal’s – we played every week for a solid year or two. More recently, Birra and sometimes Stogie Joe’s.


Janine, Jamie, Jen, Maria, Max, Rob

Claims to Fame

We have won the award for Most Likely To Completely Effing Blow It in the Impossible Round many, many, many times.