Below Basic

Beth, Laura, Lucas and Marina, all employees with the School District, formed Below Basic over a year ago, when we regularly won Quizzo nights at Chris’ Jazz Cafe. When that night was cancelled, we searched around to find Johnny Goodtimes at Locust Rendezvous, where we never win, even with the addition of EB, a lawyer for the city. We’re proud to say we’re middle of the pack most of the time, and we really miss the music rounds in on-line play.

Bars Repped

Chris’ Jazz Cafe
Locust Rendezvous


Beth, Laura, Lucas and Marina

Claims to Fame

Just before the world ended, we discovered Philly quizzo, hosted by WHYY’s Billy Penn newsletter, where we are the reigning champs in their current on-line version.

Top Scores

World Cup of QuizzoSerie B: Round 249
World Cup of QuizzoSerie B: Round 248
Summer Slam 2020Week 647
Summer Slam 2020Week 346
Summer Slam 2020Week 845
World Cup of QuizzoSerie B: Round 142
Summer Slam 2020Week 440
Summer Slam 2020Week 540
Summer Slam 2020Week 740
World Cup of QuizzoSerie B: Final Four39
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 338
Summer Slam 2020Week 237
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 132
Summer Slam 2020Week 131
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 222