Virtual Quizzo

Play Virtual Quizzo every week with Johnny Goodtimes and his team of Quiz hosts. Get your team together and play Quizzo on Zoom. Each team pays $30 and picks your time slot and put in your email address. Then meet your quiz master for the Zoom meeting and work together to answer the questions as the quiz master keeps score. Come back to the website at the end of the week to see how you did versus everyone else who played.

In addition to Virtual Quizzo via Zoom, Johnny Goodtimes also hosts a weekly head-to-head virtual trivia game on Sundays, The Quiz Lab.

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  • A Tie Atop the Leaderboard in Our Regular Quizzes Last Week
    Congrats to Chasing Olive and Hydroxychloroquine Latifah (great team name, btw), who tied atop the regular quiz leaderboard with 42. Here are the rest of the scores from last week: 1. Hydroxychloroquine Latifa 42 T-1. Chasing Olive 42 3. Clizby’s Chocolate room 39 4. The Quarantiners 38 5. The Covidiots 36 6. Self-Contained Hootenanny 35 … Continue reading Virtual QuizzoRead more
  • Sign Ups for Week of May 25
    Starting a little early this week with sign ups for next week for our general quiz. If you haven’t played before, it’s pretty simple: you pay $30 and pick your time and put your captains email address. You can have up to 8 players on your team. You’ll get an email from your quizmaster with … Continue reading Virtual QuizzoRead more
  • Scores from Week of May 4
    Congrats to I’m Already Failing This, who took the title two weeks ago (Sorry it took me so long to post). I’m Already Failing This 45 Carole’s Husband 44 It’s All Pipes 42 Core-entine 42 Quick Question 41 Jawnin that Jawn 37 Social Blumpkins 33 Dobby’s Sock 33 Covid Baskin and the quarantiger kings 33 … Continue reading Virtual QuizzoRead more
  • Scores From General Quiz Last Week
    Congrats to Sturgeon’s Virgins, winners of last week’s general quiz! Want to try to win this week’s trophy? Sign up now! 1. Sturgeon’s Virgins 36 2. Bummels 35 3. Dobby’s Sock 35 4. Chasing Olive 35 5. Carole’s husband 33 6. The Covidiots 33 7. Quiz on My Face 30 8. The Quarantiners 29 9. … Continue reading Virtual QuizzoRead more
  • Quizzo Sign Ups for Week of May 18
    Sign ups are live for this week’s regular quizzes! Even if you’re not in the World Cup, you can still have fun with your friends and play with some of our best quizmasters, all for just $30 per team. For those of you who haven’t done so before, the game is played as follows: you … Continue reading Virtual QuizzoRead more