2019 in Review Quiz, Tonight Only!

We’re doing a 2019 Year in Review quiz for one night and one night only: tonight! Action starts at Birra at 8 pm, and we’ll also have a quiz at Bards at 9:15. All questions will be about the year that was. Last two quizzes of the decade. Hope to see ya tonight!!!

The Friday Five for December 20th

What Podcast You Should Be Listening to: The Philly Blunt! Our interview with Jerry Blavat, the Geator with the Heater, is live! And oh man is it good. His story about Chuck Berry is worth the price of admission alone. Such an honor to sit down with such a true Philly legend, and he absolutely did not disappoint. Dick Clark, Sammy Davis Jr., Angelo Bruno: he’s got stories about all of them and they’re all terrific.

What Music You Should Be Listening to: John Morrison has been writing some solid pieces for WXPN for awhile, but lately he’s been making some new moves: He now hosts a monthly hip-hop show on WXPN called Culture Cypher. His podcast, Serious Rap S**t, just got picked up by iheartradio. And he was nice enough to put together this Youtube mix of his favorite rap songs of 2019. Some great stuff in here: check out Cam’ron’s Losin Weight, Gangstarr and J Cole Family Loyalty, and Danny Brown Best Life. You can follow John on twitter here.

Where I’m Eating: Had breakfast with Chip Chantry earlier this week at the Melrose Diner. I really want to start going there regularly. It has everything a good diner should: friendly older ladies as servers, a nice mix of people from all walks of life, and damn solid food (I had the feta and spinach omelette and was feeling a little frisky so I had them add tomato.)

What I’m reading: This article about what a heaping load of bullshit online advertising is was fascinating.

Local Instagram I’m Following: PHLBucketlist has a ton of great photos of things to do in the area. Dunno who curates it but whoever does takes some really terrific photos.

Alright, hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday. If you’re doing some last minute shopping, be sure to hit us up at Shibe Sports. Got lots of great unique and local gear still in stock. And be sure to follow me on twitter. We’ve got some big things planned for 2020, so stay tuned!

If you’ve missed previous Friday Fives and want some good stuff to read, eat, drink, and listen to, go here.

Question of the Week

What physician and Founding Father was born in Byberry on Christmas Eve, 1745?

Update on Toy Drive

Hey gang, just made the toy drive spreadsheet a lot easier to use. I have included links to all of the toys, so that all you have to do is write down your name, click on the link, order the toy and get it shipped to the address below. It will literally take less than 20 seconds and will make a child’s Christmas. As of now, things are moving slower than past years, and if more people don’t step up, over 45 kids won’t get toys this Christmas, which would just be heartbreaking.

Most of the toys left are in the $10-$25 range. Once you purchase them, just have them shipped to:


1505 W. Allegheny Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19132

Amazon does the shipping! All you have to do is put in the address. They don’t need to be wrapped, nothing. All you have to do is buy one. If you would prefer to buy something locally and drop it off, you are welcome to. Just drop your toy off at Shibe Sports at 13th and Walnut. And finally, if you’d prefer to donate money and let me get the toys, that’s fine too. You can either give me the money at quizzo or send the money to johnny@johnnygoodtimes dot com on PayPal and write “Toys” in the subject box. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

Recent Winners at Bards

Recent Winners at Founding Fathers

Recent Winners at the Vous

Recent Winners at Dock Street

The Friday Five

Best Way to See Christmas Lights: Did the Founding Footsteps Christmas Lights show this past Sunday, and oh man was it great. A BYO trip through Philly with live Christmas music, it’s a great way to look at the city in a whole different way. There’s a fun Christmas pop-up bar to start off. Then it’s all aboard, and you head to South Smedley Street to see the lights there. Off to the Miracle on 13th Street, past the City Hall lights, and over to the Art Museum, where you get to check out the enormous tree. Just a really fun tour, and the guy who runs it, Tim, is an awesome dude. This isn’t some big corporate monolith going through the motions. This is a Philly owned and operated business sharing their love of the city, and it comes through in the tour. Highly recommend. You can get tickets here.

Where I’m grabbing pizza: Is it my favorite pizza in town? No. Is it always service with a smile? No. But there’s still something special about Lorenzo’s. The comically large slices, the number of people there with bloodshot eyes, the communal sense of everyone eating around the same counter. When I first moved here, I was a regular…I was dead broke, and $2 was a good price for a meal. The price has gone all the way up to $4.50 over the past 18 years, but it’s still a good deal.

Underrated Christmas Lights: The old Lit Brothers building on Market street has one of the most underrated light shows in town.

What I’m Listening To: Slow Burn, a podcast by Slate. They did a great one about Watergate a couple of years ago. They came back this year with a solid one on Biggie and Tupac.

What Local Legend I Got to Hang Out This Week: The Geator with the Heater, the Boss With the Hot Sauce. Jerry Blavat sat down with the Philly Blunt on Thursday night (if you don’t know who he is, you should read this excellent 2008 Philly Mag piece on him). Oh man, it was so much fun. His stories about Chuck Berry, Sammy Davis, and Angelo Bruno were incredible. Episode drops next week. In the meantime, be sure to listen to our interview with DJ Rich Medina.

Seinfeld Guest Stars

With our big Festivus party coming up on the 23rd, I thought I’d post some rounds from some past Seinfeld quizzes. Answers are below.

Seinfeld Guest stars

1. Who played “Dentist to the Stars” Tim Whatley?

2. Peter Krause and Lauren Graham both appeared on the show. Later they starred together on what critically acclaimed but little viewed drama?

3. What actresses boobs were real…and they’re spectacular?

4. Before starring on Entourage, he played George in the Pilot. Who was he?

5. Before starring in The Shield and the Fantastic Four, he starred as Mr Pocadillo, who lived way out on Long Island.

6. Before he wrote and starred in a cult classic mid 90s film, he appeared as Eric the Clown on Seinfeld. 

7. Just a few months after appearing on the famous episode The Yada Yada as a closet racist, she starred in her own incredibly popular sitcom. Who was she, and what was the sitcom?

8. Who starred as Meryl, Jerry’s faux wife?


  1. Bryan Cranston
  2. Parenthood
  3. Teri Hatcher
  4. Jeremy Piven
  5. Michael Chiklis
  6. Jon Favreau
  7. Debra Messing, Will and Grace
  8. Courtney Cox

Our Annual Christmas Toy Drive is Live!

Hey there guys, it’s time for our annual Shibe Sports toy drive. It works pretty simply: you go to this sheet and you type your name next to the kid you’re going to buy and ship a toy to for Christmas. (If you also sign your email, we’ll send you a 30% off code at Shibe Sports). Once the toy is purchased, please mail it to:


1505 W. Allegheny Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19132

If you’d rather drop a toy off, you can do so at Shibe Vintage Sports at 137 South 13th Street. Thank you so much for your consideration! For many of these kids, this will be the only Christmas gift they get, so please know that you’re making a huge difference.

If you’d like to know more about PPEHRC, click here. If you’d like to know more about it’s founder, Cheri Honkala, who is quite possibly the biggest badass in the city of Philadelphia, be sure to check out this interview with her.

Seinfeld Quizzo and Festivus Party on December 23rd!

Festivus pole? Check.

Feats of strength? Check.

Money for people? Check.

Hosting a very special Seinfeld quiz in a couple of weeks…on Festivus night, December 23rd. We’re going to have a ton of fun, with all Seinfeld questions, snacks such as Junior Mints and pretzels, and the guys from ComedySportz doing a Festivus improv between rounds. This is going to be the most fun holiday party you attend this year, guaranteed. For more info, go to the Facebook page. To buy tickets, click here.

The Friday Five for December 6th

What I’m enjoying: Maploco. Stumbled across this website this week. It lets you post every state you’ve ever visited. My rules for visiting: must have had a meal there and either shopped or seen a cultural attraction. Zooming through at 65 MPH doesn’t count (I’ve driven through Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas, but have never “visited”.) I’ve been lucky enough to take two cross country trips in my life (humblebrag), which certainly helped knock a lot of states off the list. Of states I’ve enjoyed visiting the most, I think I’d have to say Colorado, California, and Maine. Well besides Hawaii, which is pretty much 50x better than any other state in the country.

What I’m watching: Like everyone else on earth, I’m watching the Irishman. I enjoyed it. The epilogue didn’t need to be 50 minutes, but otherwise I thought it was very good. If you’re like most people and don’t have 3.5 hours to sit down and watch a movie, I found the above breakdown quite useful. I’ve also thought Pacino was a bit overrated, but I have to say that I really enjoyed him as Hoffa. I thought Sheeran should have been played by someone younger than DeNiro but it didn’t bother me too much. And I thought Scorcese was great. This is when he’s at his best, telling a slow, sprawling story. The details were a ton of fun. You could look at the screen and tell by the fashion, furniture, etc. what year it was. That was really a highlight of the film. If you enjoyed the movie, you should ABSOLUTELY listen to our interview with George Anastasia.

What I’m reading: Read a couple of awesome long reads this week. This GQ article about conditions atop Mount Everest is absolutely nuts. Basically anybody with a few bucks can climb to the top, no questions asked. Meanwhile, this NJ.com article about a 1990 high school football game that devastated a coach and the star QB is absolutely terrific…and involves the Eagles offensive coordinator. The video above is also by NJ.com and accompanies the piece.

What I’m Listening to: The Dropout, a podcast about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, is absolutely riveting. I watched a documentary about this, and it was actually kind of boring. But this podcast by ABC News is terrific. Just amazing what a huge scam she was running, and how many people got duped because they wanted to believe in it. In the words of Public Enemy, Don’t Believe the Hype, and it was all hype. An insane amount of it. But no product.

Random Thing I Really Like: The “upcoming shows” bulletin board at Franky Bradley’s. Just walked by it on my way to the store the other day, and really enjoyed looking at it. A well done, colorful and sexy collage.

See ya next week. In the meantime, follow me on twitter.

Quizzo This Week

Here’s our Thanksgiving Week lineup:


  • O’Neals 8 pm with the LEgendary WID
  • Dock Street South 8 pm


  • Locust Rendezvous 6:15 pm
  • Founding Fathers 8:30 pm


No Quizzo. Happy Thanksgiving!