Question of the Week


The First Battle of Bull Run was fought on this Virginia man’s farm, so he decided to move his family to the small town of Appomatox to get away from the war. Four years later, on April 9th, 1865, Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant in his house. He would say that the War “began in my front yard and ended in my front parlour”. Who was he?

Down Home Country Week


Howdy, y’all! Time for a little country quiz. We’ll have questions on Southern rock, Southern cuisine, Southern literature, etc. So get your boots on and let’s boot, scoot, boogie, and answer a few trivia questions while we’re at it.

JGTSpI Scores After Four Weeks


Here are our scores after 4 weeks. Inkspot has a big lead, as they’ve been active on twitter and with physical challenges. Teams in yellow would earn an invite if the season ended today, and teams in blue would still have some work to do. But the season doesn’t end today…it’s a ten week season, so there’s plenty of time if you need to earn points.

Aq uick way to earn your team points: write about attending quizzo on twitter. Anybody on your team who does that earns their team a point for the week (be sure to include @johnnygoodtimes in the tweet so I can see that you wrote it.) And it has to say something. You can’t just post your team name

And this week will be Double Points Week on Wednesday. So a big week for teams at the Vous and Black Sheep. Easiest places to get a win? Hard to call any of them easiest anymore, but the most parity seems to exist at North Star, Sidecar, O’Neals, and Industry, so those are probably your best bets.

Furthermore, I posted a week or two ago that teams could earn points by posting pictures of themselves photobombing someone on the quizzo facebook page…nobody has taken advantage of that one yet. It’s still available for one more week.

And this week is Down  Home Country Week…anyone wearing cowboy boots, camouflage, a large belt buckle, or a straw hat earns their team a point.

Last Week’s Winners



First Place: Inkspot 102

2nd Place: Popesack 94

3rd Place: Menage-a-4 79



First Place: Chuffed to Bits 90

2nd Place: Sidecardigans 84

3rd Place: In the Lead 82



First Place: L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 97

2nd Place: Encyclopedophiles 96

T-2nd Place: Savage Ear 96



First Place: Phi Slamma Jamma 114

2nd Place: Underground Bard 108

3rd Place: Theos 98



First Place: Synchronized Trampoline 102

2nd Place: The Champs 99

3rd Place: #1 Government Team Competitor 97



First Place: Blazing Sea Nuggets 96

2nd Place: Wit or Wit-Out Youse 92

3rd Place: 5th Estate 91



First Place: Sharktoberfest 112

2nd Place: Missing Heads 108

3rd Place: Why Can’t Us 105


First Place: Jesters of Tortuga 104

2nd Place: Arse 96

3rd Place: Allie is Dating Kyle 95

Quick Notes: Phi Slamma Jamma had the highest score of the week with a 114. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics, though it was just Andy and Marshall, came back from 14 down in the final round to win by 1. It’s the biggest 5th round comeback since we expanded to 5 rounds…Jesters of Tortuga finished 6th at Tap House, and Duane’s World finished 4th at the Sheep.

Is Tonight’s Round Two the Greatest Round I’ve Ever Written?

frenchfriesSeveral people told me that last night. I dunno if it’s true or not, it’s been a while since I heard people laughing that hard during a round. Furthermore, this Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll theme has been a Giant slayer: neither the Jesters, Duane’s World, or the Jams have finished in the to 3.

Action starts at Industry at 6:30 p.m. On to Bards at 9 p.m. $3 beers and lots of giveaways at both. Hope to see ya tonight!

New Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll Quiz Tonight

All new sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll quiz tonight. Action starts at Locust Rendezvous at 6:15 p.m. On to Black Sheep at 8:15 p.m. Hope to see ya tonight!

Hat Week This Week

ascapWith baseball season upon us, I’m gonna throw out a bunch of JGTSpI points this week. All you gotta do to earn them is wear the cap of your favorite baseball team. Each member of your quizzo team to do so earns your team a point. If you need a baseball cap, worry not…we’ve got them for sale at Shibe Vintage Sports this week for Hat Week. Today the hat for sale is this 1930s Philadelphia Athletics cap. $25 and free shipping. Just enter the discount code Foxx. New hat for sale each day this week, so be sure to like us on facebook to find out what hat will be for sale each day of the week.


Question of the Week


This man, who still has a vagina, made history in 2005 when he appeared in Allanah Starr’s Big Boob Adventures, the first porn movie to feature a sex scene between a trans woman and a trans man. Who is he?

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll Week Starts Tonight!


Who couldn’t use a little more sex, a few more drugs, and a whole lot more rock ‘n’ roll these days? That’s why this weeks questions will be about three of America’s favorite pasttimes (other than baseball, of course).

Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll begins tonight, and includes a round of sex questions from professional sexologist Dr. Timaree Schmit (Be sure to like Sex With Timaree on facebook to stay updated on her excellent website and podcast.) Gonna be a fun week to quiz.

This Week’s Scores



First Place: Tempura House 111

2nd Place: Inkspot 103

3rd Place: Always Finish 4th 90



First Place: Sidecardigans 126

2nd Place: In the Lead 106

3rd Place: Gotta Hand It To Blind Prostitutes 103



First Place : Savage Ear 118

2nd Place: Encyclopedophiles 113

3rd Place: J-Roll Stroll 86


First Place: Jesters of Tortuga 121

2nd Place: Underground Bard 105

3rd Place: Starship Enterprise 94



First Place: Synchronized Trampoline 110

2nd Place: Tempura House 107

3rd Place: No. 1 Government Team Competitor 105



First Place: Duane’s World 119

2nd Place: Jitney Spears 101

3rd Place: Blazing Sea Nuggets 88



First Place: Why Can’t Us 100

2nd Place: Koalified 92

3rd Place: Bears Need a New Team Name 83



First Place: Specific Jawns 107

2nd Place: Jesters of Tortuga 102

3rd Place: Jimothy Badtimes Bar Quiz of Doom 90

A Perfect Combo: Guilty Pleasures Week and French Fry Thursday



Go ahead and get yourselves some fries tonight. It’s guilty pleasures week, and you only live once.

Tonight’s quiz is a lot of fun. Plenty of guilty pleasures and a few legal questions thrown in for good measure. Action starts at Industry at 6:30 p.m. $3 craft beers and terrific food. On to Bards at 9 p.m. $3 Lagers. Hope to see ya tonight!

Guilty As Charged Week Continues Tonight

Action starts at the Locust Rendezvous at 6:15 p.m. On to the Black Sheep at 8. All new quiz, with plenty of guilty pleasures and a few law questions thrown in to keep it from going too far over the top. It’s a fun quiz, and a chance for your team to get some points in the JGTSpI. See ya tonight!

Double Points Night Tonight


Fun quiz this week. A lot of ridiculous guilty pleasure questions, and some legal questions to keep the quiz from getting too absurd. Action starts at O’Neals at 8 p.m. $3.50 margaritas and $3.50 Mexican beers, as well as the lovely Amanda behind the bar.

On to City Tap House at 10:15 p.m. $3 Gansett Lagers, and Becky and Howie workin’ the room.

And a great opportunity to earn bonus points, as tonight is double points night, and both venues are wide open. Yeah, Jesters are a pain in the ass, but they’re standings don’t count since their on double secret probation right now.  So by finishing 2nd you can earn 10 points in the JGTSpI. See ya tonight!

Question of the Week


Who killed Stanford White on the rooftop of the Madison Square Garden in 1906, then was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the first “Trial of the Century” of the 20th Century?