Last Week’s Pics and Scores



  1. Hopservation Desk 112
  2. Popesack 109
  3. Stillmaniacs 100



  1. Keith and the K-Dads 90
  2. Benny and the Jeffs 86
  3. In the Lead 82



  1. Savage Ear 110
  2. Turkey Fisters 110
  3. FFTF 104


  1. Jesters of Tortuga 116
  2. Kenn Kweder Looks Like Jeff Daniels 103
  3. Underground Bard 102



  1. Denim Chicken 113
  2. I Thought Turkey Could Fly! 112
  3. Synch Tramp 103


  1. Duane’s World 110
  2. Jitney Spears 101
  3. Self Contained Hootenanny 101


25% Off at Shibe on Black Friday

shibe-vintage-sportsAwesome event last night at the store. Jayson Stark was incredible. Not only engaging while he signed books, but he also just hung out and talked baseball with everybody for an hour. Really, really cool event.

And just a heads up that we’ve got a number of sales coming up over the coming holiday. Both for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, we’re gonna be taking 25% off everything in the store. If you’ve been to the store, you know what kind of unique and vintage gear we’ve got for sale. If you haven’t this would be a great time to check us out. If you’ve got a sports fan on you shopping list, be sure to swing by our store. We’ll be open from 9 am-9 pm on Black Friday, 11-9 on Small Business Saturday.

Quizzo is On For Tonight!








Yes, quizzo is on for tonight. Locust Rendezvous at 6:15, Black Sheep at 8:15 p.m. Yeah, we’re gonna get an inch of snow. I think we can handle it. Same quiz as earlier this week. Couple of Thanksgiving rounds. Hope to see ya tonight!





Jayson Start at Shibe Sports Today at 5:30!


If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves baseball, this is a great opportunity to get your shopping done early. Jayson Stark, the great baseball writer on, will be at Shibe Sports (137 South 13th Street, between Walnut and Sansom) today at 5:30 p.m. We’ll have free drinks and snacks and a Q&A with Jayson at 6 p.m. Hope to see ya there!

Big Money Tuesday

Gerat shot to win some big monye prizes tonight. We start at O’Neals at 8 p.m. $3.50 margaritas and a $50 gift cert for the winners. It’s been quiet lately, so it’s really anybody’s ballgame. On to Tap House at 10:15 p.m. $100 gift cert for the winners. 2 for $20 pizza, and $3 Gansett beers. Hope to see ya tonight!

Agree to Disagree With JGT and Timaree


This is the first in a series of discussions with Timaree Leigh. Timaree earned a PhD. in human sexuality from Widener University, currently teaches classes, writes a terrific column for Philly Weekly, runs a popular podcast, and runs both an excellent website and a very active facebook page, which quite frankly fosters some of the best debate I’ve ever seen online.

Last week she and I got into a bit of a fracas over Shirtgate, the incident in which a member of the European Space Agency wore a questionable shirt after landing a space probe on a moving comet 310 million miles away. This led to a backlash against the scientist, which then led to a backlash against the backlash. Timaree and I continued the debate in a back and forth I thought a few of you might enjoy.

JGT: The European Space agency recently landed a spacecraft the size of a washing machine on a comet that was something like 17 gazillion miles away, a staggering human achievement that is simply awe-inspiring. And yet, sadly, a day later the talk wasn’t about the achivement but about a shirt that one of the men most responsible for this modern miracle wore. It apparently caused quite a stir in some feminist circles, and a day later the scientist in question, Matt Taylor, tearfully apologized for that shirt because he had received so much angry feedback on it. Don’t you feel that it was absurd that feminists stole this man’s moment of triumph by harassing him over a freaking shirt?

Timaree: What happened was that a guy who is probably a perfectly nice guy knew he was going to be on TV, representing himself, his agency and in many ways science itself to the world. How often do we see real scientists on TV? And he decided to wear a cool shirt his friend made him. He didn’t think about how the images on the shirt were sexually objectifying. In and of itself, the shirt isn’t a big deal and I think pretty much all the feminists have been clear on that. Had he worn it to the after party, no one would have said a thing. If he wore it on the street, there’s really little chance anyone would have an issue. The problem is context.

There’s nothing wrong with images of female bodies. There’s nothing wrong with nudity. There’s nothing wrong with sex, masturbation or porn. But that doesn’t mean they all belong everywhere all the time or that all images are the same.

Objectification is complex because we all want to be objectified some of the time- by our partners, at least. Some of us enjoy it more than others and really like exhibiting our sexuality and our bodies. It’s all good, as long as everyone can consent. But what happens with objectification of women is that it never turns off. The underlying sexism of culture says that women are objects first and people second. That once a woman is viewed as sexual, that will always be the first thing that springs to mind. That a woman’s appearance is open for public critique and discussion.

So in this situation, this guy is making a major announcement of real significance and it never even occurs to him that objectification of female bodies might not be appropriate in this exact time and space. He didn’t mean any harm, I don’t think, but that’s because casual objectification is EVERYWHERE. It’s so omnipresent that we become immune to it. It’s hard to walk around without seeing advertising where some thin, light skinned female body part is being used to sell something.

The STEM fields are notoriously an old boys club. Lots of research shows that women are institutionally and casually held back in the sciences all the time, more likely to be put as second author, read as less competent despite standardized scores being equal, that kind of thing. So now we see a scientist on TV for the first time in a while and the implicit message is: here at Rosetta we’re cool with chicks if they’re hot. That’s not the worst type of sexism, but it’s a little alienating to realize you’re in a space where you’re your gender first and a scientist second.

I love porn (not all of it, obviously) but wouldn’t be super comfortable to walk into an all-male room with porn plastered on the walls. Not that I would be afraid for my safety, but it would make it clear that I was “other.

And feminists went to point this out. And the internet exploded because people who never pay attention to feminists normally were ecstatic for something so tiny so they could finally yell “f**k feminism” like they wanted to all along.

The story is only huge because of the backlash and people saying, “look at these crazy emotional women.”

JGT: Well, I disagree with your final point. The shirt became a story immediately because women at several well-read online magazines wrote about it and then it just took off. Matt Taylor obviously caught a ton of heat for it, enough so that he felt the need to apologize for it. None of that was due to backlash. That’s what created the backlash. The more pressing problem to me is how oppressive our PC society has become. At the end of the day, it was a shirt. It was a shirt he wore to honor a female friend who actually made the shirt. Aren’t there other FAR more objective depictions of women in our culture, on our TV screens, our computer screens, heck, even in our art museums? Isn’t there a concern that we’re creating a homogenized culture, where everyone will wear khakis and polo shirts because they’re fearful that anything else that they wear can be seen as a symbol of something else that offends someone?

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Question of the Week

Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 5.00.28 PM

Macy’s gets all of the glory, but the first Thanksgiving Day Parade in a major city in America took place in Philly in 1920. Who sponsored it?

Quizzo This Week

Quizzo is regularly scheduled this week, Monday-Wednesday. We will of course be taking Thursday off. There is only one quiz this week. Probably expect a Thanksgiving theme for the wild card round.

Action starts tonight at North Star at 7 p.m. We move to Sidecar at 9:30. Both spots very winnable. Hope to see ya tonight!

Duane’s World Wins 5th Annual JGTAI


Duane’s World pulled off a perfect impossible round to record a 133-126 win over the #1 Government Team Competitor, with the Pogs of Tortuga finishing 3rd. It was Duane’s World’s first Autumn Invitational win, and marked the 2nd straight year that a Black Sheep team won the prestigious event (last year it was Blazing Sea Nuggets). It was a spirited matchup, with 11 teams entering the final round within two questions of the lead. The Pogs of Tortuga held the lead after 4 rounds, but missed two questions in the final round to finish in 3rd.

We learned quite a few things at this year’s invitational. We learned that William Shatner covered Pulp, that the first jukebox was installed at a bar in 1889, and that the deepest a human has dived underwater without any aid is 331 feet (here’s a short documentary on that diver, William Trubridge).

Alright, so here are last night’s scores (and each team’s home bar). And congrats to Duane’s World on their huge win.

  1. Duane’s World (Black Sheep) 133
  2. #1 Government Team Competitor (The Vous) 126
  3. Pogs of Tortuga (City Tap/Black Sheep) 125
  4. Encyclopedophiles (O’Neals) 119
  5. Ruby Tuesday (Bards) 115
  6. Boo-Urns (Industry) 114
  7. Jitney Spears (Black Sheep) 111
  8. Imaginary Pablo and the Goat (Industry) 108
  9. Satan’s MInions (Black Sheep) 102
  10. Serbian Donkey Cheese (Bards) 97
  11. The Real Chip K (Sidecar) 95
  12. Exhausted Nihilists (Industry) 93
  13. Inkspot (North Star) 93

Quick Notes on Today’s Event

tap house

Who: All teams invited to the JGTAI. I Believe there are 13 teams coming. If your team got an invite and still wants to attend, that’s fine. Also, if there are any duos out there who want to come through and check it out and don’t mind being put on a random team, you are welcome to as well.

What: The 5th Annual JGT Autumn Invitational

When: 5:30 p.m.

Where: City Tap House (3925 Walnut Street)

Why: Why not?

Charge: $10 a pop

Specials: 2 for $20 pizzas. $3 Gansett cans and $5 local drafts.

Prizes: $400 worth of prizes.

Previous Winners:

JGTAI 2010: Exhausted Nihilists

JGTAI 2011: Steak Em Up

JGTAI 2012: Jesters of Tortuga

JGTAI 2013: Blazing Sea Nuggets

See ya tonight!


The Invitational Lineup

tap house

Ok, here’s what we’ve got so far for RSVPs. A few bubble teams earned an invite but I’ve not heard back from most of them. Either way, looks like we’re gonna have a pretty good crowd. Should be a great event.


Jitney Spears

Ruby Tuesdays

Duane’s World


#1 Government Team Competitor


Imaginary Pablo

Real Chip Kelly

Must Love Pogs

Satan’s Minions 


Serbian Donkey Cheese

Exhausted Nihilists


Underground Bard

Savage Ear


Missing Heads

Surly Rabbits

D-House Syndicate

New and Improved Team Name

In the Lead

Jayson Stark to Make Appearance at Shibe Sports


Here’s a great opportunity to handle some of your Christmas shopping early for any baseball fan on your list: the best baseball writer in America, Jayson Stark, will coming to Shibe Sports next Tuesday, November 25th at 5:30 p.m. to sign copies of his latest book, Wild Pitches. In addition to signing the book, he’s also going to open up the floor  for questions about the book, baseball, and the Phillies starting at 6 p.m. If any of your friends are big baseball fans, please help spread the word! You can RSVP here.

Quizzo Tonight

We kick off at the Vous at 6:15 p.m. On to the Black Sheep at 8:15 p.m. You know the deal.

The Ronnie Band To Perform on Sunday at Invitational

Ron Gallo of the Toy Soldiers will be rocking the house at the Invitational on Sunday at the City Tap with a rock n roll trio. Action starts at 5:30. Invites going out later today. Gonna be a fun time.