Pics of This Week’s Winners



  1. Jitney Spears 102
  2. Motor City of Brotherly Love 101
  3. Doper than the Russian Olympic Team 95


  1. Jacobites of Destruction 115
  2. Reasonable Efforts 113
  3. D-House Syndicate 110



  1. Jawn of the Dead 106
  2. Jerk and Squirt 94
  3. Captain Noah 90



  1. Exhausted Nihilists 130
  2. Tyler’s a Douche 107
  3. Gettin Quizzy Wit It 98



  1. Underground Bard 106
  2. Dumpster Backstroke 104
  3. Ukraine in the Membrane 100



  1. Team Mystic 130
  2. Don’t Quiz on the Fence 99
  3. Justachios 67



  1. The Champs 114
  2. The Other Baker Team Sucks 110
  3. #1 Government Tam Competitor 101



  1. Duane’s World 124
  2. Who’s On Turd 106
  3. We’re Here for the Nachos 95



  1. Knowles Carter 99
  2. Why Can’t Us 94
  3. Anna Don’t Know S**t About the Jersey Devil 94



  1. CGA 119
  2. I Drink and i know Things 110
  3. Stupid Sexy Flanders 103


Last Night to Grab Points in the JGTSI


This is it, folks. If your team is on the outside looking in, I would highly encourage you to get out tonight. Your best bet for a win is gonna be at Industry at 6:30 p.m. You know the routine: great food, great service, happy hour drinks. On to Bards at 9:15. It’s packed almost every week, so you might wanna get there early. Carl will be hosting tonight.

As for the Invitational, I will be sending out invites on Sunday. If you need a few points, you can earn some on facebook by posting a pic of you in the water or on a boat. Or you can come out tonight and earn a win. Next week will be wild card week, where teams that win will earn an automatic invite to the Big Event, held on the 21st at Alla Spina at 5:30.

Expect a few questions inspired by the Olympics, (though not many actual Olympics questions).

Tonight’s Quiz Will Have the Latest and Greatest of Everything


Ok, first of all, you NEED to read this. Then continue below:

Quizzo tonight begins at the Comcast Center, the tallest and most luxurious building in the city. BYO Bottle Service will make every guest at the quiz feel like a VIP (Vogue Intellectual Passionate). Between rounds, DJs from Miami and Ibiza will be spinning all of the latest club jams. Johnny Goodtimes’s contacts in the dance club scene are going to really pay off here.

On to Alla Spina, where DJ Carl B Sure will be asking questions that are TOOTO (totally out of the ordinary). Carl B is a young quizzo impresario who is looking to transform Philadelphia’s quizzo scene. 8 p.m. until sunrise.

Johnny returns to O’Neals, where you may notice just how crystal clear his voice will be as he asks questions; it’s no wonder, his speakers were made by Finnish soundsmiths. That starts at 8 p.m. and goes until you think you can’t possibly dance to a another Skrillex song; at which point Johnny will put on another Skrillex song and you’ll find a second gear you never knew you had.

AFTERPARTY! You heard me, girls. What’s a party without an afterparty? We’ll be at the City Tap House at 10:15, and we’ll be outdoors. Thanks to Johnny’s high level contacts in the quizzo world, there are going to be some of the most carefully cultivated questions you’ve ever heard in your life. But hey: that’s all part of the TOOTO experience.

Wait, how do we know this is going to work? I can’t explain that due to nondisclosure agreements, but trust you me, tonight’s quiz will have the LATEST and the GREATEST of everything. It’s going to be phenomenal.

Question of the Week


Who released The Swimming Song in 1973?

JGTSI Scores Are Posted!


You thought they were never gonna be posted. You can admit it. You thought I was just gonna wing it and invite 16 random teams. But no! I finally sat down and added up the scores, and here they are with one week left in the tourney.

A few things to note: I know a couple of teams change their names. You’ll need to contact me and let me know. Also, there is a new Facebook challenge, so if you’re looking to earn a spot at the Invitational, it’s a great way to earn some quick points.

The Big Event will be at Alla Spina on August 21st at Alla Spina, with live music between rounds. More details on that soon.

Pics and Scores of this Week’s Winners


  1. There’s No I in the Rest of Our F***ing Team 103
  2. Motor City of Brotherly Love 92
  3. In the Lead 90


IMG_8254 2


  1. Johnny Love You Goodtimes 102
  2. Jawn of the Dead 100
  3. Twisted Chicken 80



  1. Fraid Not 103
  2. Long Live the Queef 99
  3. Clip Clop 92




  1. Teflon Don 104
  2. Underground Bard 103
  3. Particles in Her Box 60


  1. It’s Not Drinking Alone If You’re Pregnant 112
  2. Rio Shitshow 90
  3. Hillary Cling-on 84




  1. Synchronized Trampoline 117
  2. Little Kwings 113
  3. #1 Government Team Competitor 110




  1. Duane’s World 127
  2. Who’s on Turd 119
  3. Radical Quizlam 109




  1. Imaginary Pablo and the Goat 115
  2. Beard Tears 95
  3. Anna Watches Stranger Things 90


  1. Must Love Pogs 119
  2. CGA 115
  3. OBGYN Kenobi 113

Quizzo Tonight


We’re back in business tonight, with quizzes at Industry (6:30) and Bards (9:15), with intermission being me getting tacos at my favorite food truck in the city, Tacos el Rodeo at 10th and Washington (8:40). This quiz played fairly easy last night, so I expect some high scores tonight.

Question of the Week


Brazil has the largest Lusophone population in the world. What does Lusophone mean?

Scores and Pics of Winners Last Week



  1. In the Lead 115
  2. Greenstein 101
  3. Motor City of Brotherly Love 92


  1. Must Love Pogs 121
  2. Illegal Aliens 108
  3. Nurse THIS Back to Health 96


  1. Jawn of the Dead 115
  2. Kenny Lofton Eats Wonderbread 112


  1. Tim Kaine Mutiny 119
  2. Synchronized Trampoline 115
  3. Super Fluidity 115
  4. Tempura House 115



  1. Duane’s World 127
  2. Jitney Spears 110
  3. Who’s on Turd 102



  1. Why Can’t Us 108
  2. Anna Heard There Was a Donkey Show 98
  3. Joe Biden Made Me Cry 76


  1. Jesters of Tortuga 127
  2. White Chocolate Brownies 107
  3. Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap 86

Quizzo Tonight


I’ve got a gig in NYC, so Carl is in charge tonight. Action starts at Industry at 6:30. Great opportunity to get a JGTSI win. (And yes, I know you’re owed a scoreboard. I’ve just been swamped lately. I’ll have it up early next week. Promise!)

On to Bards at 9:15. Have fun tonight while I’m crushing the Big Apple.

Quizzo Tonight

Action starts at 6:15 p.m. at the Vous. (Quiz at Lo Spiedo is cancelled due to heat and DNC traffic madness.) On to Founding Fathers at 8:30. Only one quiz this week since my schedule is so nuts. Hope to see ya tonight!

And the Skies Opened, and the Earth Was Washed Away, and the Quizzo Was Ended

A storm of Biblical proportions hit the quiz at the Oval on Sunday, and no-one was spared its wrath. No seriously, it was nuts. It hit right after the final round ended, and it lasted for over an hour. It hit so hard and so fast that most of us didn’t have time to make it to cover, and huddled under the little shelter offered by the bar. (Sadly, it also destroyed several scoresheets, meaning we can’t declare a winner. First time it’s ever happened. I’m bummed.)

We had kicked off the quiz with a great crowd, and were having a fun, if fairly humid, afternoon.

Rainoval3Then, just as I asked the final question of Round 4, the skies opened up, and people went running for the scant cover offered by the bar.


Getting soaked at the bar? Might as well grab a cold one.


A few hardy souls saw the futility of standing under the minimal cover, and thought it would be a good time to play Jenga.


While others created makeshift shelters in an effort to stay moderately dry.


Several people who couldn’t find shelter under the bar or in the makeshift tents made use of what little protection they had from the elements.

ovalrain3As everyone was huddling together to try to stay dry, there was one rebel who didn’t seem to mind the rain at all.

IMG_8206All in all, a pretty memorable time for all involved. And since we didn’t have time to go over the answers for the final round, here they are:

1. What fruit flavor will you find in abundance in a crepe suzette?


2. What was the name of Anthony Bourdain’s first book?

Kitchen Confidential

3. Lake Champlain lies between what two states?

New York, Vermont

4. What actresses breakout role was as Tony Montana’s wife in Scarface?

Michelle Pfeiffer

5. What candy bar was named after the inventor’s family horse?


6. What is the Turkish word for fate?


7. What’s the capital of Oregon?


8. The inventors of Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper all had the same profession. What was it?


Question of the Week


Hillary Clinton was raised Republican and actually attended the 1968 Republican National Convention, held in what city?


OK, So Completely Disregard Everything I Said Earlier Today


Alright, let’s try this again.

MONDAY: President’s quiz has been postponed until Tuesday due to thunderstorms. We are still on for Sidecar at 9:30 p.m. 

TUESDAY: President’s quiz is going to be at the Oval at 7. Slick Joe Moore will host at O’Neals and Carl B Sure will host at Alla Spina. There will be no quiz at the Tap House.

WEDNESDAY: UPDATE: Lo Spiedo is cancelled for this week due to the weather and the DNC stuff down there. I will be hosting at the Vous at 6:15 p.m. and at Founding Fathers at 8:30. yeah, turns out my private gig was Thursday, not Wednesday. Sooooo…

THURSDAY: Carl B Sure at Industry at 6:30 and at Bards at 9:15. So there ya go.