$3 Beers, Great Shot at a Win Tonight

We kick it off tonight at Industry at 6:30. $3 local beers and a great shot at a win. On to Birra at 8 p.m., hosted by Boots. And we wrap it up at Bards at 9:15. Hope to see ya tonight!

Question of the Week

Copenhagen, Denmark at Nyhavn Canal

What country has the oldest continually used national flag?

JGTAI Initial Scores Released!


After three weeks of the JGTAI, here are our scores. Still a lot of time left to get on that scoreboard, but I wouldn’t waste much of it. Here’s how we look at each bar:

SIDECAR: Double Stuffed Oreo has been the best team so far, but there is certainly room for other teams to make a run.

O’NEALS: Jawn of the Dead and Hooter and Chuff have been slugging it out at the top, with Jerk and a Squirt building up some points through Facebook challenges.

CITY TAP HOUSE: Wide slam open. It’s absolutely anybody’s ballgame…and a $100 gift card on the line.

LOCUST RENDEZVOUS: Hurricane Nancy has been wreaking mayhem, destroying everything in its path. Will this continue, or will perennial powerhouses Synch Tramp and #1 Team Competitor step their games up?

FOUNDING FATHERS: Duane’s World has been completely dominant lately. Want to get your name on the quizzo map? Come to FF and knock those guys off.

INDUSTRY: Governor Quiz Quiztie has been solid so far this season, with 2 wins and a 3rd, but there’s still plenty of opportunity here.

BIRRA: Different top 3 finishers pretty much every week. Just wide slam open.

BARDS: Things have started to pick up now that kids are back in school, but no one team has really separated themselves from the pack yet.

Hope to see ya this week!

Pics and Scores This Week



  1. Gundice Part 2 96
  2. Double Stuffed Oreo 94
  3. Must Love Pogs 91


  1. Jawns 113
  2. Dames 105
  3. Elmore Sucks! 100



  1. Hurricane Nancy 127
  2. Tempura House 123
  3. Mein Drumpf 120


  1. Duane’s World 119
  2. Chaos Is a Ladder 105
  3. Jitney Spears 98



  1. Shapiro’s Heroes 107
  2. Succalamente Despacito 102
  3. Governor Quiz Quiztie 100



  1. Team-Wah 114
  2. Circle Jerk du Soleil 105
  3. Pussy Lantern 104



  1. Silently Screaming 94
  2. Papale 2020 86
  3. Klub Kenzo 82

Name That Tune Returns to Industry Tonight!


We kick it off at Industry at 6:30. We’ll have Name That Tune and $3 drafts. On to Birra at 8 with Boots Boccuti. It’s been hoppin’ the past few weeks. We wrap it up at Bards at 9:15. See ya tonight!

Quizzo This Week


We enter Week 3 of the JGTAI, where we’ll start to separate the wheat from the chaff. The cream starts rising to the top. A penny saved is a penny earned. Bite the bullet! Break the ice!

Where were we? Oh right, this week at quizzo. Alright, so we’ve got 8 spots on the agenda, and a very good quiz. The Wild Card round will be on Saturn. Here’s a look at the current scene at each bar.

Double Stuffed Oreo has staked a claim as the team to beat at Sidecar. The Jawns and the Dames have been exchanging blows at O’Neals….and remember a $100 gift card if any team can crack 120 points. We were outdoors at City Tap House last week and it was beautiful. Hopefully we can do it again tonight. Had a first time winner at the Locust Rendezvous last week, Hurricane Nancy. Are they a one week wonder or have we added another strong team to an already impressive lineup at the Vous? We’ll soon find out. At Founding Fathers, the toughest team to beat in quizzo, Duane’s World, continues to dominate. If you want to make a name for yourself in the quizzo world, come on out and try to knock these guys off. Looking for a win? Your best bet right now is Industry. Been quiet the past couple of weeks. Birra, meanwhile, has been picking up steam. Nice turnout the past few weeks, which is cool to see. And now that the kids are back in school, the Bards is starting to rock ‘n’ roll. I expect it to be rockin’ this week.

As far as the Invitational, there’s a chance to rack up some points now on Facebook. I’ll have a full, up to date scoreboard up this weekend.

Question of the Week

What actress starred as Alex in the film Saturn 3?

Pics of Last Week’s Winners



  1. Double Stuffed Oreo 119
  2. The Germ 98
  3. Get That Corn Out of My Face 82


  1. Jawns 120
  2. Dames 110
  3. Grab em by the Putin 81


  1. Jacobite for Destruction 124
  2. Reasonable Efforts 110
  3. Bag of Chips 100



  1. Underground Bard 97
  2. The Night King Cometh 94
  3. Jizzo 93



  1. Hurricane Nancy 118
  2. Synch Tramp 107
  3. Hillary’s Book Club 104


  1. Duane’s World 115
  2. Jitney Spears 108
  3. Go Ninja Go Ninja Go 85



  1. Governor Quiz Quiztie 102
  2. Chef’s Team Sucks 98
  3. The Baby’s Answering the Questions 96



  1. Fist City 110
  2. Depeche Chode 108
  3. Non-Sporting Class 100



  1. Tony Robbins Cannot Lose 120
  2. Must Love Pogs 117
  3. Tears of My Friends 112

Quizzo at Fightown Hops Tonight


Boots Boccuti hosts tonight. Beautiful night to be outdoors. Action starts at 6 p.m.

5 Reasons You Should Attend Our Comedy Show Tonight


Chip Chantry and I are hosting a comedy/variety show tonight at Good Good Comedy Theatre at 9 p.m. You should be there!

1) It’s going to be a very good show. Chip and I both take pride in putting on a solid show, though we already did most of the legwork: we’ve got two extremely funny comedians for the show and a terrific musical guest. This is gonna be a lot of fun. You’ll also get to hear us talk about the time we did a comedy show in the midst of a riot.

2) Our musical guest is Kenn Kweder, m****r f*****s! As most of you know by now, Chip and I are huge Kweder fans, and we’re psyched out of our minds to have a rock legend with us for the first show. Here’s an interview I did with him a few years ago. Truly a Philly icon.

3) Come see Abby Rosenquist perform. She was the winner of Philly’s Funniest 2017 at Helium, and she is hilarious. We’ll also have the very funny Andrew Orolfo out of San Fran opening the show.

4) Check out the Good Good Comedy Theatre. If you haven’t been here yet, you really should. Started a couple of years ago after founders Aaron Nevins and Kate Banford raised the money via kickstarter, it is a really, really cool place to see a show, and proof that Philly’s underground comedy scene is alive and well. And it’s right in the heart of Chinatown, so you can grab something awesome to eat right before or after the show.

5) Support me, you bastards! What do you think I am, some sort of trivia robot, only existing to rattle off questions to you all the time? You think that’s all I’m capable of? (Smacks you). I’m a man, damnit! With feelings! And other, non trivia-specific skills! (Also, because let’s face it all you care about is trivia, there will be a trivia element to the show.)

Action starts at 9 p.m. at Good Good Comedy Theatre. Hope to see you there!

Quizzo Tonight

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 5.08.39 PM

Action starts at Industry at 6:30 p.m. Boots hosts at Birra at 8. And I move to Bards at 9:15. If you want to get a win, this is the night to do it! Furthermore, I’m giving bonus JGTAI points for whoever has the best Ted Cruz related team name. Make it happen!

Quizzo Tonight

We kick it off at the Vous at 6:15, then on to the Founding Fathers at 8:30. If you’re looking to make a name for your team in the quizzo world, get a win tonight and you’ll do just that. See ya tonight!

Quadrupleheader Tonight!


We’re quizzin all over town tonight. Action starts at the Markets at Comcast at 5:30. We move to Sidecar and O’Neals at 8 p.m. And we wrap it up at City Tap House at 10:15. 2 for $20 pizzas. See ya tonight!

Question of the Week


On September 13th, 1899, this man became the first person to ever die in an auto accident. Who was he?