Quizzo Bowl Update

Ok, gang, so we’re 10 days away and things are starting to fall into place. Sort of. I’ve got our music round figured out, have almost locked in our wild card round (and it’s plenty wild) and am still trying to figure out what the hell we’re going to do with our video round. (We were supposed to shoot this past weekend but needless to say with the blizzard, that didn’t happen.)

Above is the promo video I put together for the event. And a quick reminder…in an effort to be as weird as possible this year, I am encouraging everyone to dress in 1970s gear. Best dressed team wins a $100 gift cert.

As far as tickets, they are moving fast. Do NOT assume I am holding some for you, even if you’re a regular. I will, however, have tickets for sale on me at quizzo tonight and tomorrow. So if you want to assure yourself a table, either come see me at quizzo or you can buy them here.

Most importantly, I really need a team to knock off Sofa Kingdom this year. Please. Make it happen. To get real time Quizzo Bowl Updates, please be sure to join the Quizzo Bowl Facebook page, which I will be updating almost daily between now and the big event.

Question of the Week


What professor of physics at Furman University worked with Estle Ray Mann to create a “video game” called the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device in 1947, though he never marketed or manufactured it?

Question of the Week


What David Lynch film was about Alvin Straight, a man in his 70s who rode a grass cutter from Iowa to Wisconsin to visit his brother?

Pics and Scores of This Week’s Winners

So, a switch in protocol for 2016. From now on, I’m gonna do a short writeup and post pics of the week’s winners on the JGT Quizzo Page on Facebook. Just easier to be interactive on there…feel free to tag yourself and friends on the pics, and we can talk back and forth about that week’s results.

Everything You Need to Know About Quizzo Bowl


WHO: Anybody who wants to play. Teams of up to 8 players.

WHAT: Quizzo Bowl XII, the longest running quizzo event of it’s kind in the Universe. It is a celebration of nerd awesomeness, great music, and a vaudeville spirit. In the past we’ve had breakdancers, glam rock bands, Motown bands, human pretzels, Black Elvis, dancing, singing, Fastball Bob, . And this year we are bringing a true Philadelphia legend to the stage to rock. Kenn Kweder and the Hipster Mind Tricks are going to be taking you back to the 1970s (more on that later).

WHEN: Saturday, February 6th, 2016. Doors open at 7 p.m. Event starts at 8.

WHERE: World Cafe Live. 3025 Walnut Street.

WHY: Why not?

PRIZES: Yes, there will be $1500 worth of prizes for the winning teams (and new this year: a 14th place prize!). There will also be raffles and prizes given away throughout the evening. And Electric Mayhem will be gunning for their 4th straight last place prize.

IS THERE A THEME? Of course there is. The theme is “The Spirit of ’76″. We’re bringing the bicentennial to life at the World Cafe. Expect 1970s tunes, 1970s outfits, and a bicentennial twist on some of the questions, whatever the hell that means. Furthermore, the best dressed team will win a $100 gift card to a local establishment. So wear either 1776 gear or 1976 gear, and you’ve got a good shot of going home with a sweet prize.

IS THIS THING GOING TO BE ON A BOAT AGAIN THIS YEAR? No, this year’s event will not be on a boat. It will be at the World Cafe Live. There will be no more boat events.


WHERE DO I SIGN UP? You can currently purchase tickets online here. I will also be selling a few on consignment at my quizzes starting next week. Tickets are $25 a pop. If you haven’t been before, trust me, it will be well worth it. And do not wait until the last minute. This has sold out in 10 of the previous 11 years.

THE BOAT DIDN’T SELL OUT. No it did not.

NOT EVEN CLOSE. Will you knock it off?

WILL THERE BE AN AFTERPARTY? Yes, working on details now. Will let you know soon.

WHERE CAN I GET UPDATES AS WE GET CLOSER TO THE EVENT? The Quizzo Bowl Facebook page just went live. It will be filled with previous Quizzo Bowl performances, Kweder performances, practical ticket info, and all sorts of tomfoolery. So be sure to sign up there, and that’ll keep you informed.

ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? Just have fun. That’s the biggest thing about Quizzo Bowl. Kweder does a lot of back and forth with his crowds (which is why his live shows are legendary). This is gonna be an interactive event, from the trivia to the music. So be ready to be part of the show. Let’s do it to it!


Quizzo Tonight

Rendezvous at 6:15. Founding Fathers at 8:30. And lots of Bowie between rounds. See ya tonight!

Tripleheader Tonight

A big night tonight. We’re back tonight at the Markets at Comcast at 5:30 p.m. BYO quiz and $5 off anything in the Market, which has plenty of extremely good food, including DiBruno Brothers.

On to O’Neals at 8 p.m. If you can score 120 points or more,  you can double your winnings to $100.

And finally, quizzo’s TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO CITY TAP HOUSE. Finally, we are back, and we’re badder than ever. $3 Gansett’s, $100 gift cert for the winner, 2 margherita pizzas for $20. And yes, I’ll be playing bowie tunes all night. Let’s get it poppin’.

Question of the Week

tumblr_ni4f3eAj3d1tgckc1o1_500The Nika riots took place in January of 532 AD in Constantinople, reaching their apex during chariot races at the Hippodrome. What Byzantine emperor was nearly overthrown during the riots?


Quizzo Tonight

One quiz tonight, at the Sidecar at 9:30. And yes, I know I still have to post scores from last week. Have them up tomorrow. And just a heads up that we’re starting back at City Tap House tomorrow.

JGT QUizzo…Back On Thursdays!

Hey Baby. I missed you. We haven’t seen in each other in three weeks. Let’s get back in the groove tonight. A real smooth groove. Just you, me, a bottle of Moscato, a roaring fireplace…and 40 kickass trivia questions!

Industry at 6:30 pm.

Bards 9:15 pm.

Let’s get it on!

Quizzo Tonight

Back in business tonight at Locust Rendezvous at 6:15 and Founding Fathers at 8:30. We’ve had a lot of fun with the audio round so far this week. You’re gonna enjoy it. See ya tonight!

Tonya Harding, Electrocuting Elephants, and Feral Children


Pretty amazing edition of the This Week in Worthless Knowledge podcast this week. We discuss the Tonya and Nancy drama that occurred 21 years ago this week, what kind of sicko would videotape an elephant getting electrocuted (ahem, Thomas Edison), and how adopting a feral child would affect our respective marriages.

Also, if you’re as big of an It’s a Wonderful Life fanatic as we are, you should probably listen to us talk about the greatest film of all time in this episode.

(If you don’t use iTunes, you can listen to them here.)

And be sure to like us on Facebook, where we occasionally post weird stuff that has to do with that week’s episode. If you like weird things in history, you’re going to dig our podcast.

Question of the Week


On January 6th, 1994, Nancy Kerrigan was whacked in the knee with a baton by a man named Shane Stant. Tonya Harding’s husband and her bodyguard hired Stant to do so. Who was Tonya’s bodyguard?

Kenn Kweder to Perform at Quizzo Bowl XII!

You always remember the first time you hear something that sounds unlike anything you have ever heard before. I still remember as a 7-year old in 1982, listening in amazement at the Little League field as a couple of guys played Grandmaster Flash on their boombox. I had never heard anything like it, and it kicked off a love of hip-hop that persists to this day.

Fast forward about 25 or so years, when tuned in WXPN one day and heard a song unlike anything I had ever heard before. It was Heroin, a song that broke the longstanding rule in our society that art about dark topics needs to carry with it an appropriate gravitas. This song broke that rule, being an upbeat and peppy song about a relationship made stronger through heroin. It was ironic, weird, and really catchy. By the end of the song, I found myself singing along enthusiastically. I heard the DJ say that it was Kenn Kweder. When I got home, I rushed to the computer to see what the deal was with this guy, and ran into not only a great artist, but an amazing story. (I also contacted Chip, who said incredulously: “You’ve never heard of Kweder? Duuuuuuude!) I had stumbled onto a local icon, a Philly guy who had travelled the world playing rock music, who had had a chance to make it big but refused to sell out, and who was still rock ‘n’ rolling into his 60s, somehow maintaining rock n roll not as a hobby but as a profession. Who does that? (If you haven’t already, PLEASE read this interview with Kweder that I did a couple of years ago. Really fascinating.)

Kweder became the subject of a documentary that was recently released to rave reviews at a Tampa Film Festival and will be released in Philly at some point this year (see trailer above), so I thought it would be a really cool time to get Kweder on board for Quizzo Bowl. He’ll be bringing a full band along, and is prepared to rock the house down. Our last few music acts have been truly incredible, and this promises to be no different. And I’m expecting you guys, the nerd elite who will be attending, to get into the spirit too. A lot of Kweders stuff is sing-songy, back and forth with the crowd, so be ready to get involved. He and his group (the Hipster Mind Tricks) will also be playing a lot of sweet jams from the mid 70s, as our theme is “The Spirit of ’76″ (more on that later.) We have the last of the true rock stars performing at Quizzo Bowl XII, so get excited. The Bowl takes place on February 6th at World Cafe Live. Tickets can be purchased now online. I’ll have some on me at quizzo starting next week. Let’s get it!