Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll Tonight!


Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll Week rolls on tonight, starting at the Vous at 6:15. We move to Founding Fathers at 8:30. Hope to see ya tonight!

No Question of the Week

No question of the week this week, folks.

Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll Week Starts Tonight!


Well, we put it to a vote, and in a narrow 24-20 decision, Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll edged International Quiz. So this week’s quiz will be all about Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll. The action starts tonight at Sidecar at 9:30 with special guest host Foobooz Art (I’m flying back from Chicago). Hope to see ya this week!

This Week’s Winners



  1. There’s No I in Team 106
  2. In the Lead 103
  3. Motor City of Brotherly Love 92


  1. Jawn of the Dead 107
  2. Stuck on 95 80
  3. Jerk and a Squirt 68



  1. Must Love Pogs 124
  2. I Didn’t Pay Taxes in ’95 122
  3. Exhausted Nihilists 110



  1. The Luxury Party 100
  2. Tim Kaine in the Membrane 90
  3. The Team That Robbed Kim K 87


  1. Synchronized Trampoline 122
  2. Chasing Olive 110
  3. HoneyBadgers 100


  1. Tempura House 122
  2. Duane’s World 117
  3. Jitney Spears 106



  1. Dummies 99
  2. Why Can’t Us 92
  3. South Philly Killer Clowns 92



  1. Men Becoming Wolves 116
  2. CGA 112
  3. Quizzed in My Pants 101


National Poetry Day

Since today is #Nationalpoetryday, and I think that most of the best poets in America right now are hip hop artists, I wanna share this incredible verse from a rapper over in Camden, Mir Fontane. Great poetry takes the reader places they wouldn’t ordinarily go, and this song does a terrific job of doing that. Paints a picture of his neighborhood in one verse better than any newscast I’ve ever seen.

Why Vicky gettin’ money cause he got a little set now
Shae lost her baby so she back smokin that wet now
Pooh got booked I heard he working with the Feds now
til Tony caught him slippin’ shoulda never turned his head round
Keisha still f*ck around with crackhead James
Heard he sold a flat screen so he could buy more caine
And Jermaine sit on the block and it’s a shame cause he smart
His momma crying every day and say he breakin’ her heart
The whole hood shed tears when they heard Diggs got killed
It’s been two whole years and ain’t no bids got dealt
A n*gga that I called my homie f*cked around and changed on me
Pulled the heat from off his hip and tried to make it rain on me
This what y’all call hell but this what I call home
And I’ma grind it til I get it, once I get it, I’m gone
White folks want drugs, so they come & spend they bucks here
But they ain’t got no bus fare, now them n*ggas stuck here.

West Coast Quiz Wraps Up Tonight

We kick it off at Industry at 6:30 p.m. We’ve had a good time with this one this week, and things seem to be picking up as the weather cools. As always, great drink specials, great service, and a great shot at a win.

On to Bards at 9:15 p.m. You know the dilly. Hope to see ya tonight!

And be sure to vote for next week’s topic. We’ve got a very close contest right now and voting ends Friday morning.

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West Coast Week Rolls On Tonight

alla spina

Action starts at Alla Spina tonight at 8 p.m. with Carl B Sure. $2 off all draft beers, $1 chicken fingers, and an excellent opportunity to get a win.

I’ll be hosting at O’Neals starting at 8 as well. $50 gift cert for first place, $100 if you can top 120 points.

On to City Tap House at 10:15. Been a bit quiet lately. Terrific opportunity to score some JGTAI points, and get that $100 gift card for first place. Hope to see ya tonight!

Question of the Week


An exclusive new bar is being opened in Los Angeles by Greg Hodge. It will be based off the same concept as the website he founded in 2002. What is the name of that website?

West Coast Week at Quizzo


For this week’s quiz, we’re gonna travel out west. All of our questions this week will be on California, Oregon, and Washington. Action goes down tonight at Sidecar at 9:30 p.m. We’ve had to call it off a ton lately, due to holidays, Eagles games, and debates, so tonight I’m offering double points in the JGTAI for our top 3 finishers. We’ll also double our prizes…first place wins $60 tonight and 2nd place gets $30. Hope to see ya tonight!

Scores and Pics of This Week’s Winners


  1. Jawn of the Dead 111
  2. Trickle Down Boy 101
  3. We’re an 11 99



  1. Ted Quizinski 105
  2. No Big Deal 101
  3. Tip of My Tongue 61



  1. Underground Bard 119
  2. Motor City of Brotherly Love 93
  3. Particles in her Box 68



  1. Superfluidity 110
  2. Honeybadgers 108
  3. 2 Legit 2 Quit 106


  1. Duane’s World 113
  2. Jitney Spears 112
  3. Who’s on Turd 109



  1. Imaginary Pablo and the Goat 102
  2. Testes Factory 102
  3. Tempura House 100



  1. The CGA 121
  2. Call Sean Hannity 120
  3. 5th Estate 115


1990s Week Wraps Up Tonight


Been a great week of quizzo; we’ve had a lot of fun with the 1990s and we’ve also raised over $500 so far for Minds Matter. The action rolls on tonight, starting at Industry at 6:30 p.m. Great food, great service, let’s raise a few bucks for a great charity. And you have a chance to get a big win in the JGTAI, especially if you came of age in the 90s. Action continues at Bards at 9:15. Hope to see you tonight!

Question of the Week


What 1-hit wonders had a 1990 hit with the song “Wiggle It”?

Quizzo for the Cause: Minds Matter


Thrilled about the fundraiser we’re doing this week as Quizzo for the Cause. We’re going to be doing 50/50 raffles all week to help raise money for this terrific cause, and I highly encourage you will donate. I spoke with one of the volunteers at Minds Matter , Ross Stewart, about the program, and why it’s such a great charity for us to get involved with. (If you can’t make it quizzo but would like to donate, you can do so here)

1) Tell us a bit more about Minds Matter. What is it, and what do they do? Minds Matter is a college access, mentoring program for highly-motivated Philadelphia high school students coming from low-income families. Each student is paired with 2 adult mentors. The entire group meets every Saturday for 4 hours from Sophomore through Senior year. During sessions, students receive SAT preparation, college skill workshops, and help with college and financial aid applications. In addition to Saturday session, MindsMatter funds each student to attend 2 college summer programs.

2) How did you get involved with the organization? I was approached by our former President almost 6 years ago when he was founding the organization in Philadelphia. He was a mentor for Minds Matter NYC and realized when he moved to Philly that we could also use this program.

3) When and why was it founded? Minds Matter New York was the first chapter, founded in 1991 by by six Wall Street professionals who understood that the gap in low-income student achievement is not one of intelligence, but resources. Other Minds Matter chapters have been popping up all over the country ever since. Minds Matter Philly was founded in 2011.

4) How do we know that the program has been effective? 100% of our students have been accepted into four-year colleges. Our students are currently attending (and thriving at) UPenn, Temple, Drexel, Swarthmore, UPitt… just to name a few.

5) How will the money raised be used? Our organization is made up of 100% volunteers. We have no paid employees, therefore all money raised goes right back to the students. Donations allow us to send our students to summer programs at colleges and universities all over the world, as well as provide SAT tutoring and Saturday mentoring sessions.

So come on out to quizzo this week to not only have our usual chicanery but to also help make a difference in your community.