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New Philly Blunt Episode is Out!

The new Philly Blunt is up, and it’s nothing short of awesome. (You can listen here on the site, or listen here on itunes.) We spoke with Maleek Jackson, who runs a fitness gym in Northern Liberties. His story is incredible: the fifth of 13 kids who grew up on the “Smallside” at 18th and Catherine, he came up with any parental guidance. I asked him about falling in with the wrong crowd. 

MALEEK: I grew up and I kind of veered off, you know. I was never the type of kid who really paid attention or cared about school. Then when I went to high school it took off. I started doing my own thing. The streets got more of my time than anything else.

REEF: What year is this? Late 90s, early 2000s?

MALEEK: This is early 2000s. And I ain’t gonna say I fell in with the wrong crowd, because all my friends were exposed to exactly the same things that I was exposed to.

REEF: So there wasn’t a lot of opportunity.

MALEEK: Right. It was normal. We sold drugs. I fell into a life of crime. I robbed people. I robbed businesses. And it was just the norm. We knew what we were doing was wrong, but we never was in a position where someone sat us down and was like, “Yo, stop doing what you doing.”

Once in prison, he became friends with a man named Taj, who started bugging him about getting his GED.

MALEEK: He said to me, “If you go home today, what you gonna do?” And I’m like, “Aw man, I don’t know.” But the fact of being free is enough, but it isn’t. Because if they grant you your freedom and you not prepared for that, you ain’t planned for that, then you know for sure that you’re gonna return…

He got his GED, he started to box, and soon started to think about his future. So when he get out, he had decided he either wanted to be a boxer, and if that didn’t work out a personal trainer. And when he got a chance to meet former middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins, he jumped at the opportunity. Hopkins (who I interviewed in 2005) had also spent time in prison as a young man. 

MALEEK: I see Bernard. I’m like nah. You know me, I just walked up to him. I’m like, “Hi my name is Maleek I just came home, I did ten years, I want to be a fighter. I know you hear this all the time, you know, this that and the third.” And that conversation led to an hour long conversation…so he paid Danny Davis, who was training Bernard Hopkins at the time, he paid Danny Davis to train me. Danny was training fighters in Canada and Russian, he was being booked in Vegas…

REEF: So you like, “While you gone…”

MALEEK: So yeah, while he was gone, he would leave the torch in my hand like “Yo, you always in the gym, you might as well be my assistant. I’m going away for two weeks. I got a list of clients that need personal training. You’ve been paying attention, like you know what to do. Just do it.” And you know I just followed suit. And it just came to me naturally, it just fell right into my plan B.

Find out which celebrity that he trains punches the hardest, what one word separates him from most other people, and what advice he has for people who want to get in better shape. This is a really cool interview.

Movie Week at JGT Quizzo


The Oscars are coming up this weekend, so we’re celebrating by doing an all movie week at quizzo. There will probably be a few Oscars in the mix, but certainly not all. Horror films, blaxploitation, John Hughes films and softcore porn classics will all be in the mix as well. And I’ll be playing music off of famous soundtracks between rounds. Gonna be a fun week to quiz!

This Valentine’s Day…

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 6.00.09 PM

Birra is cancelled for tonight, but we’re on for Bards at 9:15. See you lovers tonight!

Quizzo Tonight!


Yes, I will have scores, videos, and a recap of Quizzo Bowl coming this week. But in the meantime, we’re back in action. We kick off at Dilworth this evening at 6 pm. This is a really fun spot for a quiz and a great opportunity for a win. On to Sidecar at 8 pm and O’Neals at 8 with Boots. Great crowd at O’Neals last week. Hope we can keep it moving. After lots of stops and starts the past few weeks at Sidecar with ownership changing hands I think that this week we’re finally all systems go.

NOTE: There is no quiz at Comcast this month. We’ll start back up next month. If you were planning on playing, come on over to Dilworth, just a couple of blocks away. See ya tonight!

The Picture Round


This year we’re doing a picture round drawn by Philly artist Keni Thomas (do yourself a favor and follow him on Instagram) , and believe when I tell you, it’s going to be AWESOME.

Quizzo Bowl Prizes


In addition to big prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, we’ll also have prizes for 15th place, Best dressed team, and lots of raffles throughout the night. Among the prizes we’ll be giving away (in addition to the top 3), with a value of over $500:

  • 2 gift certificates to Shibe Sports
  • Vouchers to see upcoming World Cafe Live shows of your choice.
  • Gift cert to Tiki Bar
  • Gift cert to the Vous
  • Gift cert to City Tap House 
  • Gift cert to Good Dog
  • 2 gift certs to O’Neals
  • Gift cert to Fergie’s
  • Gift cert to Belgian Cafe

And about to go shopping for our last place prize (I’m talking to YOU, Electric Mayhem!) Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that for those of you who don’t get your fix on Saturday night, there’s a brunch quizzo at Fergie’s on Sunday at noon.

Quizzo Tonight! UPDATE

Action starts at Birra at 8 pm, and moves on to Bards at 9:15 p.m. Boots and I will each have Quizzo Bowl tickets for sale, so this is your last chance to get buy them from me. After tonight, all tickets must be bought online. See ya tonight!

UPDATE: Bards quizzo is cancelled thanks to a broken pipe! Bummer. If you were hoping to get tix from me tonight, shoot me a line at johnny at johnnygoodtimes dot com and I’ll see if we can work something out.

Still Deciding on Whether or Not to Get a Team Together for Quizzo Bowl?

Perhaps this video will help.

And Now, For a Special Message From Fastball Pitcher Bob Gutierrez

The Quizzo Bowl Documentary

Some of you youngsters may not be aware that there was actually a documentary crew covering Quizzo Bowl IV. Turned out to be a pretty good film and offered a lot of background on the sport of kings: quizzo. No documentary this year but there will be video of the festivities. Hope you join us! Tickets can be purchased here.

Quizzo This Week

No real theme this week, just a general quiz. Great opportunities to get a win at Dilworth, O’Neals, and Bards right now. Tickets available to Quizzo Bowl at all quizzes this week. Here’s the lineup:


  • Dilworth Cabin 6 pm
  • O’Neals 8 pm
  • Sidecar 8 pm


  • Locust Rendezvous 6:15 pm
  • Founding Fathers 8:30


  • Birra 8 pm
  • Bards 9:15 pm

List of Previous Quizzo Bowl Winners

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 1.24.11 PM

Here’s a list of the previous 7 teams to win a Quizzo Bowl and become quizzo immortals. Is this your year?

I will have tickets for sale on me tonight at Dilworth at 6 pm and Sidecar at 8ish.

Meet Dr. Snow, Philly’s Former Cocaine Kingpin

On the latest edition of the Philly Blunt, we did a remarkable interview with Larry Lavin. In the mid 1970s, Lavin started dealing pot to his frat brothers. By 1981 he was the biggest coke dealer on the East Coast. I first came across his story 15-20 years ago, when I bought a random book at a used book store called Dr. Snow. I was riveted by this incredible true story, and when we started doing the podcast, I thought I’d take a random stab at doing an interview with him. I reached out to him, and incredibly he got back to me and said he’d be happy too, and he’d be willing to tell all. The end result was a remarkable interview. Here are a few highlights. Be sure to listen to the full thing on our site or on itunes. In this part of the interview, we talk about making the transition from selling pot to college campuses to selling coke.

JGT: How does that expand? Where suddenly you’ve got a guy talking to Cubans in Miami. Like, that’s a whole different ballgame than talking to college kids in Blacksburg.

LARRY: Right. Well everyone kind of has a connection somehow. And I was pretty, I’m a pretty easily friended person. I make contacts really well. And one of my friends that lived out on the Main Line, he was a little bit older, and he had a Cuban girlfriend, fiance I believe, and he had a couple of connections. And he was the one who told me we could do this. So we pooled our money and bought like a half key. Like the smallest buy, I’m surprised they even sold it to us.

GREG: What did that cost back then?

LARRY: Believe it or not, keys used to be $55,000. The price tumbles down over the years to like $14,000.  But for the longest time, we would buy keys at like $55,000 and by the time we broke it up, and put whatever cut depending on which product people wanted, it sold for about $75,000.

GREG: What would you cut it with?

LARRY: Inositol. You know it’s a Vitamin B product. And, uh, lidocaine. But how you develop it is the fact that we had something all the time. So once a week you would come and pay what you could, and we’d give you more, so your business would grow. By me fronting all this. So if you came and wanted half pound, a pound, I’d say “Johnny, what the heck, why don’t you take two pounds this time, and see what happens.” And that’s what made these things grow. And unfortunately everyone’s debt to me grew, because a lot of times people wouldn’t pay them, they did too much product, whatever happened.

REEF: What would you do like the big debt was owed? You would just let it go?

LARRY: Yeah. What good does it do you to get in trouble by going after someone? You try to work with someone, decide if it’s worthwhile, if it’s not-

REEF: Then they lose the connect to you if they don’t pay.

LARRY: That’s exactly right. No one wants to do that because they’ve got, you know, the Golden Ticket.

Wanna hear more about Larry’s days as a cocaine kingpin, how the FBI caught him, and what life was like once he went on the lam? Be sure to listen to this absolutely incredible interview.  And be sure to join us on Facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Johnny Flamethrower Is In the Building!

Here’s a look back at an oldie but goodie: the video round from three years ago. No Johnny Flamethrower this year, but the video round should still be pretty damn funny. Get your tickets to the premiere quizzo event on the planet now!