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Around the House Week at Quizzo


Trying an all new topic this week, Around the House. Whether it’s carpentry, plumbing, shows on the DIY network, or famous houses, we’ll be covering a lot of ground. Should be a fun quiz. See ya this week!

News and Notes


First of all, this week’s topic is “Colors”.

Secondly, we have a slight schedule change on Wednesday: Due to the Flyers playoff game, we’ll be moving the quiz back to 9:30 (or whenever the Flyers game ends). Which means that teams that typically get tables early won’t have them tmrw until after the Flyers game is over. But when the game ends I suspect we’ll have a clearing out of the hockey fans and tables will open up.

Everything else on as usual this week.


Spring Invitational Scores!

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 5.07.10 PM

Here they are, our first scores of the 2018 Spring Season! And don’t worry, just because we’re 3 weeks in doesn’t mean your team can’t get back into the mix in a heartbeat. Plenty of chances to win in the coming weeks. I also hope to have a venue lined up in the next week.

Pennsylvania Week at Quizzo


Learn more about the state you call home at quizzo this week. All questions will be about Pennsylvania history, achievements, music, movie stars and more!

It will be the theme for Week 3 of the JGTSpI. Scores through the first two weeks will be posted soon.

JGTSpI Starts Tonight

Always nice to kick off a Spring Invitational in the Snow! We start tonight at Markets at Comcast at 5:30, then on to O’Neals and Sidecar at 8. Sunnier days are on the horizon! Right???

Interview with Melanie G., Whose Family We’re Trying to Help Out on Sunday


I spoke briefly with Melanie, who moved back to Philadelphia from Puerto Rico after the hurricane. By attending Sunday evening’s quiz at World Cafe Live, you’ll be helping out people like Melanie.  Also, if you haven’t yet, check out the story about the event in the Philly Voice.

JGT: Where in Puerto Rico are you from?

Melanie: Santa Isabel, where I used to work at Famous Dave’s as a prep cook.

JGT: How did the hurricane effect you?

Melanie: After the hurricane hit, I lost everything. All of my belongings and my kids stuff. Water came through the roof, and destroyed diapers, kids toys, clothes, everything.

JGT: Are you originally from Puerto Rico?

Melanie: I actually grew up in Philadelphia. I thought that if I came to a place where I knew my way around, I’d be fine. But since then we’ve been bouncing around house to house.

JGT: Why are you staying in Philly instead of returning to Puerto Rico?

Melanie: FEMA wanted me to go back, but the house that I lived in, the owner has her family living there now, because they lost everything. So I don’t have anywhere to go.

JGT: What goals do you have here in Philly?

Melanie: My goal here is to get a steady place, and get back up on my feet, and provide for my kids.

JGT: How old are your kids?

Melanie: They are 3, 4, and 5, three boys.

JGT: Are they currently in school?

Melanie: It’s hard for me to find a school for them, because I don’t have a steady place to stay, and I don’t have any money for school supplies, so I’m not sure what to do.

JGT: Are you working now?

Melanie: I don’t have anywhere to take the kids while I work. But my husband works full time at WalMart. We just need the money for a down payment on a house. After that he’ll be able to take care of us and we’ll be able to pay rent. We just don’t have the money for the down payment.

JGT: Any last thoughts?

Melanie: We’re all in a difficult situation, and it’s nice to have people who are willing to help out.

If you’d like to help out but cannot attend on Sunday, feel free to donate here or you can paypal me at Johnny at and I will give all of the money to Cheri Honkala, who is working to get these families housed.


Programming Note About Tonight

Hey gang, I decided last minute to head out to Pittsburgh for the Radford-Nova game (Go Highlanders!). Carl is filling in. Same game plan as usual, but Birra quiz starts a little bit early at 7:45 and Bards quiz will start a little bit late tonight. Probably around 9:45. Fun quiz this week. Hope you can make it. If you wanna follow my adventures in Pittsburgh, follow me on twitter. 

The Latest Info on Puerto Rico Evacuee Fundraiser


As you probably know by now we’ve got a Puerto Rico evacuee fundraiser coming up on Sunday at the World Cafe Live. An exciting development on that front: we’ve got a band lined up for the event: Foto Rodriguez y Amigos. Here’s everything else you need to know:

WHO: Anyone who enjoys quizzo, live music, and helping people out.

WHAT: Puerto Rico Evacuee Fundraiser.

WHEN: Sunday, March 18th, at 5:30 p.m. (doors at 4:30).

WHERE: World Cafe Live (3025 Walnut Street)

WHY: Long story short: after Hurricane Maria, numerous families were evacuated to Philadelphia. Unfortunately, the city has run out of money to house them, and many have them have nothing to return to in Puerto Rico. So we are trying to raise some money to get them housed. Many of them are working in Philadelphia, but don’t have enough for first, last, and security. So that’s where we come in. I would really love to get 100 people out to this event so that we can help at least some of these families.

All of the money after paying for the room is going to the families in need. So I would request that you help me spread the word as much as possible.

WHAT IF I CAN’T PLAY? CAN I STILL HELP? Yes, there are a couple of ways you can help. You can donate to the cause, either by clicking here and filling out the form, Paypalling me at johnny at (I’ll forward all of the money to Cheri Honkala, who runs P-PEHRC, the org trying to help out), or you can give me cash this week at quizzo, which I will them give to Cheri. You can also help if you have an extra, unused room in your home.


WHERE DO I GET TICKETS? You can pick them up from me at quizzo this week, you can buy the online, or you can get them at the door.

WHAT IS MAX TEAM SIZE? Max team size in 8.

WHAT WILL THE QUIZ BE ABOUT? It will be a general knowledge quiz, but with a Puerto Rico twist.



14th Annual JGT/Shibe Bracket-tacular Is Up!


Alright, we’re back at it for a 14th year! Just go here, enter your email, and we’ll give you your code to enter and a 30% off code at Shibe Sports. It’s free to enter, and we’ve got several great prizes:

O’Neals and Founding Fathers are both excellent places to watch the games, and Manatawney is an awesome local distillery with a tasting room on Passyunk that I highly recommend. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff going on at Shibe, and are in the midst of a major renovation. We’ll be having a party soon to celebrate. We’re also giving you 30% off just for signing up for the brackets. And be forewarned before you make your picks: Nova doesn’t stand a chance against Radford.


JGT Returns to O’Neals Tonight; Radford Watch Party and Quizzo


It’s Tourney Time, and I spend a fair amount of the tourney at O’Neals. And what better way to kick it off than tonight, as my alma mater Radford plays in the 6:30 play in game. So I will be arriving at O’Neals at 6:30 to watch the game, then kick off the quiz as soon as the game is over. Please feel free to hop on this Radford bandwagon as it kicks into gear, and join me for tonight’s game. Then play some quizzo.

Meanwhile, Sidecar will get a break from Goodtimes, as Boots Boccuti hosts tonight at 8 p.m. Hope to see ya tonight!

JGT Hosting Puerto Rico Evacuee Housing Fundraiser at World Cafe Live


Several families who were brought to Philadelphia from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria are facing homelessness in a few weeks, unless the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign can raise the money to secure them housing. The FEMA vouchers end for these families on March 20th. You can read more about their plight in this article in the Inquirer.

In an attempt to raise some of that money for families in need, I will be hosting a quizzo event at the World Cafe Live on March 18th. Live Latin Music will be played between rounds. Tickets are $20 apiece and all of the money (after room expenses) is going towards P-PEHRCs efforts to secure these families housing in Philadelphia.

“The families from Puerto Rico have already been displaced from their home and their land,” says P-PEHRC founder Cheri Honkala. “We can’t stand by and watch families become homeless again. We are grateful that Johnny Goodtimes has stepped forward to assist us in raising money to house these families.”

Tickets are available online here and can also be purchased from Goodtimes next week at his weekly quizzes.

Fire and Ice Week at Quizzo


Typically we do our St. Valentine’s Day Massacre this week at quizzo, but with the Winter Olympics also going on we’re going to mix it up a bit this week. We’re going to make it Fire and Ice week, with questions inspired by fiery passions, cold blooded murder, and, ya know, luge. See ya this week!


  • Market at Comcast
  • Sidecar 8 pm
  • O’Neals 8 pm


  • Locust Rendezvous 6:15 pm
  • Founding Fathers 8:30 pm


  • Birra 8 pm
  • Bards 9:15 pm

All Birds Quiz This Week


This week’s quiz is in honor of YOUR Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. It will be all about Birds…don’t worry, it’s not a football quiz, I’ll get plenty creative with it. Gonna be a fun quiz to write and a fun way to celebrate. Action starts tonight at O’Neals at 8 p.m. and Sidecar at 8 p.m. See ya tonight!

The Great Philadelphia Riot of 2018


As you’ve heard if you’ve seen the national news recently, there was a massive riot in Philadelphia Sunday night. I was in the middle of it, and my God, was it HORRIFYING. To some people around me, it looked like a lot of strangers hugging, but those were actually bear hugs. Those were people trying to SQUEEZE THE LIFE OUT OF EACH OTHER.

To the layman, it looked like there were a lot of high fives on the streets. NOT SO FAST! That was actually a game they call the “knockout game”, where people try to smack a strangers hand so hard it knocks them unconscious. It happens all the time in Philadelphia!

I also saw small children in strollers being pushed by their parents. Cute, right? WRONG! I saw at least two BLOWTORCHES in strollers that the toddlers would use later to burn down some buildings (see picture above. Started by a toddler).

One of the most horrifying images from the night was this one:


The poor young man, down on his knees, BEGGING FOR MERCY. Sadly, he was not to receive it. Moments after the photo was taken, the vengeful Philadelphia woman smashed his head open with that Olde English bottle. Horrific!

There were also people climbing up poles. Terrible! A lot of people might not know this, but scientists have recently discovered that light poles can feel pain. Yes! That’s right! So those people climbing up poles were actually hurting sentient beings! Or maybe I’m thinking of lobster. Anyways, whatever, those people are animals.

And don’t even get me started on the historic Ritz Carlton awning! Put up by Benjamin Franklin himself when he first moved here in 17-whatever, and a bunch of idiots standing on it destroyed this PRICELESS ARTIFACT FROM AMERICA’S PAST.

Last night, I took this photo of the view from my bedroom window.

Great Fire of London

The fires have been burning since Sunday night, and they are expected to burn until we all die.

Yep, Philadelphia is a festering hellhole that has been taken over by animals! Believe the hype, and steer clear! Will make a little more room for the rest of us at the SUPER BOWL PARADE WE’LL BE HAVING BECAUSE THE EAGLES WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!