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Seinfeld Guest Stars

With our big Festivus party coming up on the 23rd, I thought I’d post some rounds from some past Seinfeld quizzes. Answers are below.

Seinfeld Guest stars

1. Who played “Dentist to the Stars” Tim Whatley?

2. Peter Krause and Lauren Graham both appeared on the show. Later they starred together on what critically acclaimed but little viewed drama?

3. What actresses boobs were real…and they’re spectacular?

4. Before starring on Entourage, he played George in the Pilot. Who was he?

5. Before starring in The Shield and the Fantastic Four, he starred as Mr Pocadillo, who lived way out on Long Island.

6. Before he wrote and starred in a cult classic mid 90s film, he appeared as Eric the Clown on Seinfeld. 

7. Just a few months after appearing on the famous episode The Yada Yada as a closet racist, she starred in her own incredibly popular sitcom. Who was she, and what was the sitcom?

8. Who starred as Meryl, Jerry’s faux wife?


  1. Bryan Cranston
  2. Parenthood
  3. Teri Hatcher
  4. Jeremy Piven
  5. Michael Chiklis
  6. Jon Favreau
  7. Debra Messing, Will and Grace
  8. Courtney Cox

Our Annual Christmas Toy Drive is Live!

Hey there guys, it’s time for our annual Shibe Sports toy drive. It works pretty simply: you go to this sheet and you type your name next to the kid you’re going to buy and ship a toy to for Christmas. (If you also sign your email, we’ll send you a 30% off code at Shibe Sports). Once the toy is purchased, please mail it to:


1505 W. Allegheny Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19132

If you’d rather drop a toy off, you can do so at Shibe Vintage Sports at 137 South 13th Street. Thank you so much for your consideration! For many of these kids, this will be the only Christmas gift they get, so please know that you’re making a huge difference.

If you’d like to know more about PPEHRC, click here. If you’d like to know more about it’s founder, Cheri Honkala, who is quite possibly the biggest badass in the city of Philadelphia, be sure to check out this interview with her.

Seinfeld Quizzo and Festivus Party on December 23rd!

Festivus pole? Check.

Feats of strength? Check.

Money for people? Check.

Hosting a very special Seinfeld quiz in a couple of weeks…on Festivus night, December 23rd. We’re going to have a ton of fun, with all Seinfeld questions, snacks such as Junior Mints and pretzels, and the guys from ComedySportz doing a Festivus improv between rounds. This is going to be the most fun holiday party you attend this year, guaranteed. For more info, go to the Facebook page. To buy tickets, click here.

Quizzo This Week

Here’s our Thanksgiving Week lineup:


  • O’Neals 8 pm with the LEgendary WID
  • Dock Street South 8 pm


  • Locust Rendezvous 6:15 pm
  • Founding Fathers 8:30 pm


No Quizzo. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Friday Five

What I’m Listening To: Philly artist Son Little has been on my radar for a little while now, and I’m thinking about checking him out next week at the World Cafe Live. Not even sure how to categorize his music. Sort of an indie/soul/R&B/ rock mix. Mostly originals (check out Alice and O Mother), but his occasional covers show off the breadth of his influences. Check out his Zeppelin cover here, and a Drake cover here. Great stuff, great voice. Been listening to it all morning.

Piping hot steamed dumpings at Chinese Restaurant.

Where I’m Eating: I tried out Chinese Restaurant (Tai Jiang) this week, and it may be the least pretentious restaurant in Philadelphia. It’s basically three small tables and a handful of stools in front of a tiny counter. The menu is a piece of paper taped to the wall. The only sound in the room was the iphone of the guy sitting behind me watching a show in Chinese. I ordered the steamed dumplings, and in literally 5 seconds they were in front of me, piping hot. And really good. Got a piping hot bowl of wonton soup too. All for $6.50. The cuisine served is from the Fujian province, and the tiny spot is reminiscent (apparently) of restaurants in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian. I then watched this vid and learned more about Fuzhou, a place I had never known existed until this week. This is not just a “Chinese Restaurant”, it’s a portal into a place I’ll probably never get to visit. But thanks to the people running this restaurant, I’ll get to try to cuisine every bit as authentic as that served in Fuzhou. For a mere $6.50. How awesome is that?

Where I’m Shopping: Last week the fam and I took a short road trip to Media. Fun little spot to hang out in for a few hours. One of the highlights was a walk through Deals, a large general store on West State Street. Took me back to being a kid and hanging out at Connie’s Corner, the old general store in Nassawadox that shut down in the early 80s. The creaky floor, the overwhelming size of the place, the old school toys all took me back to a time when I was my son’s age. He decided to get a ball that you could mold into different shapes but which when you were done would also resort back into being a ball. He had a lot of fun with until it exploded in the car. But even the exploding ball couldn’t spoil the trip down memory lane I got by walking through Deals. Neat place.

My wife and what was left of the exploding ball.
Photo courtesy of Billy Penn.

Where I’m drinking: My son had a karate demonstration in Mount Airy last weekend, and as a fan of historic taverns, afterwards we just had to grab a quick drink down the street at McMenamin’s. (Well, my wife and I did. My son didn’t. He’s 6.) It is a refreshingly diverse bar, just as Mount Airy is a refreshingly diverse neighborhood. And the area is just far enough away from the city to lose a little bit of the city’s edge. You can feel it…people let their guard down a bit out there. Conversation spilled from table to table. Just a really warm, friendly place. I suspect it also has that homey, comfortable feel because it’s been owned by the same family since 1936. I came away feeling the same way that Danya Henninger did about the place a couple of years ago: I left McMenamin’s not just happy that I grabbed a beer, but thinking about what life would be like out there permanently.

Where I’m Eating, Part 2: This place hardly needs any more hype, everybody know how insanely good it is, but my God: the roast pork sandwich with provolone and broccoli rabe at DiNic’s at Reading Terminal might be what I’d want for my last meal. I had one this week and it truly made my day. Warren Zevon famously said, “Enjoy every sandwich”, so follow his advice and go to Dinic’s. Perfection.

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Quizzo This Week


  • O’Neals 8 pm (with the WID)
  • Dock Street Brewery (21st and Washington) 8 pm


  • Locust Rendezvous 6:15 pm
  • Founding Fathers 8:30 pm


  • Birra 8 pm
  • Bards 9:15 pm

Winners November 12th-19th

Click on pics to enlarge.

Pics of November 5th-7th Winners

Quizzo Returns to O’Neals on Tuesday!

Good news, gang. We’re gonna give it another shot at O’Neals, but with a new host. The Legendary WID is going to start hosting quizzo on Tuesdays at O’Neals! One of Philly’s most beloved comics will be there Tuesday at 8 pm…asking JGT questions. Starts on November 19th. Hope you can make it. Should be fun!

Wentz vs Foles: Did The Eagles Get It Wrong?

Wentz isn’t the first 6’5″ 235 pound QB who wore #11 to go early in the NFL Draft. There was another stud QB by the name Drew Bledsoe, and after being taken first in the 1993 draft he helped lead the Patriots back from irrelevance to perennial contender. When he got injured in 2001, the Patriots were forced to turn to an unheralded backup by the name of Tom Brady. That backup would of course lead them to the franchise’s first ever Super Bowl victory. After that win the Patriots decided to roll with the unheralded youngster, despite the fact that Bledsoe was a three time Pro Bowler and had been signed to a ten year, $105 million contract earlier in the year.

Even though Brady led them to a Super Bowl, there were some that still thought he was a nobody who had been surrounded by a good team. In fact, consensus was that he was kept and Bledsoe shipped entirely due to money (the eventual GOAT was being paid a comical $300k at the time, while Bledsoe had just signed that “franchise QB” contract).

In hindsight, there is of course no doubt that the Patriots made the right move. Brady has become, well, Brady. But at the time there were plenty who thought they should have stayed with the prototypical QB, not the guy who just won the Super Bowl. As Bob Halloran wrote right before that Super Bowl win, “I liken Brady to a sneeze guard at the salad bar. It’s functional, it serves a purpose, and seems like a great idea, but is it really necessary?”

The analogy isn’t perfect (Bledsoe was older than Wentz, and Foles is quite a bit older than Brady was at the time). But the Eagles did find themselves at a similar crossroads. Do you stick with the QB prototype, the guy you took with your early first round pick (Bledsoe was a #1 overall pick, Wentz #2)? Or do you ride with the castoff who had been doubted by everybody, who didn’t have the tools of the larger QB but who had won you a freaking Super Bowl? The Patriots surprised many when they stuck with Brady, who despite one good year did not seemed to be destined for greatness. By trading Bledsoe, they received a first round pick (they would pick Ty Warren, a starter on two more Super Bowl winners).

And so the Eagles were faced a similar decision: go with the stud they spent a bunch of draft capital on (Wentz) or the plucky journeyman WHO OH BY THE WAY WON THEM THEIR FIRST SUPER BOWL. The return for trading a guy like Wentz would have been huge. They got nothing in return for Foles. They did the safe thing. They did the thing that common sense told them to do. And in fact, the Philadelphia fan base for the most part went along with the decision. After all, until he got hurt in 2017, Wentz seemed well on his way to an MVP. He was also younger than Foles.

Wentz came back in 2018 and looked shaky, seemed a bit off his game, but the fan base attributed it to rust. Once he went down for the year and Foles came in again, the team seemed to come to life, and if not for an Alshon Jeffery drop, may have returned to the Super Bowl. Perhaps thankfully for the Eagles front office (can you imagine if Nick had led them to a second Super Bowl and then they let him walk?) Jeffery dropped that ball. It closed the door on the Nick Foles era. To add an exclamation point, the Eagles signed Wentz for $103 million (interestingly, just $2 million less than the Patriots showered on Bledsoe before dropping him) this past offseason. It was decided. It made sense.

And here we are, with a 5-5 team that can best be described as “mediocre”, with holes all over the place. That’s not all Wentz’s fault, of course. Until a few weeks ago the defense was awful, and the loss of DeSean Jackson has been devastating, as the team has zero speed at WR. Foles, meanwhile, went down to Jacksonville and somewhat ironically has now found himself as the incumbent with fans calling for the plucky upstart. So it goes in the NFL.

As that last Eagles drive fizzled out last night, thanks in part to some awful Wentz passes, I started to think about how much he reminded me of Bledsoe; same size, same contract, same top draft pick loaded with physical tools, same bittersweet feeling of holding a clipboard due to injury while a less physically gifted QB led the team to their first Super Bowl. The Patriots took the cheaper route, the road less travelled, and their return was a clutch guy with fewer physical tools but who found a way to win. The Eagles stuck with the big money guy. The Patriots made one of the best decisions in sports history. The verdict is still out on the Eagles decision, and it’s totally unfair and premature to judge it too harshly after 10 games. (And let’s be honest, there was no chance that Foles was ever going to turn into Tom Brady.)

But as I watch this team flounder on offense week after week, as leaks continue to come out saying that Eagles players liked Foles better, as I think about what the return for Wentz in a trade would have gotten us while still leaving a damn good QB behind center, as I think about how Foles seemed to play his best late in close games, I can’t help but wonder if they made the right choice.

New Quizzo Starts Tonight!

Excited to enter a new era of JGT Quizzo, as we kick off our inaugural quiz at Dock Street South (2112 Washington Avenue). Action starts tonight at 8 pm. Hope to see you there! This week’s schedule is below:


  • Dock Street South 8 pm


  • Locust Rendezvous 6:15 pm
  • Founding Fathers 8:30 pm


  • Birra 8 pm
  • Bards 9:15 pm

New Quizzo Starts Tuesday!

We are kicking off a new quiz on Tuesday night, as I’ll be hosting quizzo at the new Dock Street South on 2112 Washington Avenue! Really excited about the venue. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s awesome. We’ll have drink specials, prizes, and Grand Opening Fun on Tuesday at 8 pm. Hope to see ya there!

Final Quiz at O’Neals Tonight

After 16 years, we’re going out with a bang at O’Neals. Barring any popular demand to bring it back, we all think it’s been a great run but time to move on. $3.50 Mexican beers, lots of giveaways, and to celebrate 40 years in business, $4 40s. And it’s the start of Halloween Spooktacular week. Make it happen tonight!

Houston vs DC Quiz

We’re honoring the two teams in this year’s Fall Classic by having a Washington vs Houston quiz. Hope to see you this week!

NOTE: No quiz on Wednesday at Founding Fathers due to Sixers opener. We’ll be back there next week. All other quizzes on as planned.