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QUizzo Tonight

Alright, we enter the last night of Week 3 of the JGTAI, and your team needs some points. Good news, there’s plenty of them to be had to Industry. WIth Imaginary Pablo making themselves imaginary the past few weeks, there is really, more than at any other quiz, an opportunity for someone to sneak in and start racking up points. If you want to earn your team an invite, you could not do better than playing at Industry tonight at 6:30.

On to Bards at 9:15. You know the deal. Gonna be a rock show. Interesting quiz this week: Duane’s World actually finished 4th last night, which is pretty much unheard of, so you know it’s a quirky quiz. I really like tonight’s music round. Hope to see ya soon!

Big Money Tuesday


Action starts at 8 p.m. at O’Neals, where we’re going to give an extra $50 if anyone can score 120 points. On to City Tap House at 10:15 p.m. The JEsters of Tortuga have been fairly hit or miss lately. If they’re there, you have a chance to pull off the greatest quizzo win of your lifetime (and win a $100 gift cert). If they’re not, then it’s anybody’s ballgame, and your team could definitely win a $100 gift cert. I think they call that a “win-win”.

Quizzo Tonight!

I’ve been missing too many quizzes at the North Star lately, so tonight I’m gonna make it happen. That said, I have a private gig in Center City at 9 p.m., so I gotta start RIGHT at 7 p.m. and be done by 8:40, so be ready to rock n roll as soon as the clock strikes 7.

On to Sidecar at 9:30. The Sandman will be hosting. It’s Week 3 of the JGTAI. I’ll have pics posted tomorrow scores after two weeks as well. Hope to see ya tonight!

Getting Back Into Gear in the JGTAI; and Other Quizzo News and Notes


Ok, ok, so the past few weeks I’ve been playing catchup, as I had the big Comcast gig and then all of the crazed excitement surrounding the pope visit. But I’m starting to get my ducks back in a row. So here’s where we stand on the JGTAI:

I have posted a new photo challenge on the facebook page.

I have lined up a terrific band to play at the event.

The Big Event is going down on November 22nd. Still working on a venue. Hope to know something soon. Will let you know as soon as I do.

Scores after two weeks will be posted early next week. If you need to get on the scoreboard, you could hardly do better than playing tonight. At Industry, we’ve had 5 different winners in the past 6 weeks. At Bards, we’ve had 3 different winners in the past 4 weeks. Wide open at both spots. Interesting quiz tonight. You’re gonna dig it.

Regulars at North Star: I know I’ve missed a lot of Mondays there lately, but I still love you guys. I promise. I have one more gig this Monday, and then we’ll get back in our groove. (Sandman will host on Monday).

Alright, so that’s the latest. Get your quizzin shoes on and let’s do the damn thing.



Quizzo Tonight

Let’s get it done! Action starts at Locust Rendzvous at 6:15. Or so. Then on to Founding Fathers at 8:30. Home of the vaunted 7th place prize. Half off all apps and $1 off assorted craft beers. Hope to see ya tonight!

Big Money Tuesday Tonight at Quizzo


We kick it off at O’Neals at 8 p.m. where we’ve been rocking lately. And no Jitney this week, so a bit of a power vacuum. A $50 bonus if any team can top 120 points.

On to Tap House at 10:15 p.m. where it’s $100 gift cert to the winners. Giving away big bucks tonight for being a nerd. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Week Two of JGTAI Begins Tonight

Action starts at North Star at 7 p.m. I have another gig, so Carl B. Sure will be in effect mode. I will be back for the Sidecar gig. Action starts at 9:30. Hope to see ya tonight.

And  I got a little lazy with all of the pope excitement on Friday, so I’ll have last week’s scores posted tomorrow. The JGTAI will be held on November 22nd. Venue and band will be released soon.

Pope Francis to Host Wild Card Round at Quizzo Tonight?


There are a lot of rumors going around the city about the Pope hosting the wild card round at either Industry or Bards. I wish I had more info to give you but I don’t. I have yet to hear from his people, yet these whispers about him asking a few questions persist. No idea where they are emanating from.

Anyways, you should probably come to quizzo tonight on the off-chance that he decides to make an impromtpu appearance. I mean, he’s in town, he’s probably looking for stuff to do, and HEY, CRAZIER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED*. Action starts at Industry at 6:30. On to Bards at 9:15 pm. Hope to see you tonight!

*no they haven’t

Quizzo Tonight

Let’s get it going at Locust Rendezvous at 6:15 p.m. The Autumn Invitational is underway, so get your game on steady. On to Founding Fathers at 8:30 p.m., where we offer the illustrious 7th place prize. We’ll also have 1/2 off all apps and $1 off Flying Fish and Dogfish Head. Hope to see ya tonight!

Oh, and happy birthday to the late, great Ray Charles!

Autumn Invitational Is Now Underway!


Whoa, looked at my calendar earlier today and suddenly realized it was already September 22nd. What the hell? Ok, so that means we need to get cranking on the Invitational. In fact, it started last night. 8 week season, one week wild card, with the finals on November 22nd. Same as usual, 5 points for a win, 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd. And some bonus points thrown in for good measure. Get your squad ready, and start earning some points!

Quizzo Tonight

We get the party started at O’Neals at 8 p.m. Any team that scores over 110 gets a $50 bonus, resulting in $100 total gift cert prize for the winners. On to City Tap House at 10:15. With the Pope coming to town, I’d expect the music and wild card rounds to be VERY loosely based on him. Hope to see ya tonight!

Quizzo Tonight

Yes, we are on for tonight. I am finally making my triumphant return to the North Star. Action starts at 7 p.m. On to Sidecar at 9:30 p.m. I’d expect some sort of Pope-ish theme for the wild card round, even if it’s something silly. See ya tonight!

Quizzo Tonight

Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 10.55.00 AM

We start at 15th and South and 9th and Wharton at 6 p.m. for our first ever #Popquizzo. Gonna be a really awesome event. Tons of video questions and a few wrinkles as well. Teams of up to 5 can play. Hope to see some of you guys there.

On to Bards at 9:15ish, where Carl B. Sure (who is also hosting at 9th and Wharton at 6:30) will be hosting.

Quizzo Tonight

We kick it off at the Vous at 6:15. Like we always do about this time. On to Founding Fathers at 8:30 p.m. Last week was an example of the old Yogi Berra saying, “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” After months of packed tight, it was pretty quiet last week. Let’s pack it back up this week. A food theme for the music and wild card rounds. See ya tonight!