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Quizzo This Week

With the holiday this week, we’ve got a bit of a revised schedule. Here it is:


Sidecar 9:30


O’Neals 8 pm

City Tap House 10:15 pm


Locust Rendezvous 6:15 pm

There will be one version of the quiz this week. Last week’s scores and scores from the Invite will be up tomorrow.

JGTAI Wraps Up Tonight

Well, you’ve got one last chance to make the magic happen. If you want to play on Sunday (or get your team one last practice before the big event), tonight is the night. It kicks off at 6:30 p.m. at the Industry. Carl B. Sure will be hosting. Plenty of nearby parking, terrific food, $3 craft beers, and a great opportunity to get a win.

On to Bards at 9 p.m., where I’ll be back behind the mic. One last go of it before the Big event. Hope to see ya tonight!

RSVPs for Sunday’s Event


Alright, here’s where we stand on RSVPs with three more nights of quizzing still to go. If you want to earn an invite, just win a quizzo this week. Two great shots tonight, at O’Neals at 8 and City Tap House at 10:15.


  • Ukraine in the Membrane
  • Imaginary Pablo
  • Jitney Spears
  • Jesters of Tortuga
  • Synchronized Trampoline
  • The Turds
  • Shades of Death
  • Pope Floats
  • First at 2, Worst at 4
  • Duane’s World
  • Jerk and a Squirt
  • Popesack
  • There’s No I in Quizzo


  • Pope Jawn
  • CGA
  • In the Lead
  • Must Love Pogs


  • Fred Bassett

Wild Card Week Continues Tonight


Last night, There’s No I in Quizzo pulled off a perfect final round to win by one and earn themselves an invite to this Sunday’s invitational. Can your team pull it off tonight? Action starts at O’Neals at 8 p.m. $50 gift cert for the winners, and $100 if you can crack 120 points. On to City Tap House at 10:15. Again, a very winnable quiz, and the winner walks home with a cool $100. Hope to see you tonight!

Final Night of JGTAI

It’s all or nothing Thursday at Industry and Bards, as any teams who need a late push to earn an invite better make it happen tonight or forever hold their peace. We kick it off at 6:30 at Industry. Still a terrific opportunity to get a win (the House team won last week, for heaven’s sake.) We’ll also play some Name That Tune for Candy. On to Bards at 9:15. You already know the deal. It’s gonna be packed, it’s gonna be fun, and it’s anybody’s ballgame. Hope to see ya tonight!

Quizzo Tonight

Action starts at 6:30 at the Vous. And yes, I will be there this evening. On to Founding Fathers at 8:30 p.m. Been nuts there lately. If you want to guarantee your team a seat, get there early. Yeah, I’d expect some questions having to do with Veteran’s Day, but you won’t need to know a whole lot about war to get most of them right. Alright, I’ll see you tonight.

Tripleheader Tonight


We kick it off at the Markets at Comcast, our final quiz there in 2015 season. Been a terrific year, packed house nearly every month. Let’s end strong tonight. Action starts at 5:30 p.m.

On to O’Neals at 8 p.m., where any team that can crack 120 points and pull off a win gets to double their prize to $100 gift cert.

We wrap it up at City Tap House at 10:30, where it really is anybody’s ballgame. Great chance to get a win and score a $100 gift card. Hope to see you tonight!

Quizzo and Name That Tune Tonight!

We’re gonna play a little quizzo, as well as a little Name That Tune at quizzo tonight, starting at the Industry at 6:30. There is typically plenty of nearby parking, there are $3 craft beers, and there is terrific food. A really interesting quiz this week. Duane’s World actually finished 6th last night, if that tells you anything. Anyone could take this quiz. A really funky one.

On to Bards at 9:15. You know how we do.

Oh, and be sure to post your Halloween outfit on the facebook page to earn JGTAI points! You’ve got one more day to do so!

Hope to see you tonight!

Big Money Tuesday Tonight

Action starts at O’Neals at 8 p.m. $50 gift card for the winners…$100 if you can top 120 points. $3.50 margaritas and Mexican beers.

On to City Tap House at 10:15 p.m. $100 gift card for the #1 team, and last week it was a very close contest. It’s anybody’s game to win. Hope to see you tonight!

Quizzo Tonight

Action starts at 9:30 at Sidecar. We’ve been rocking the past few weeks. Let’s get back to it this week.

As far as North Star, I have not heard anything in the past couple of weeks. I’ll begin looking at some other spots in the neighborhood soon. In the meantime, if any North Star ex-pats are itching to play some quizzo, your best bets to find parking would be City Tap House on Tuesdays at 10:30 or Thursdays at 6:30 at Industry.

Email from PAWS


A few weeks ago, the quizzo community raised $900 for PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society). I received an email from them that will give you a better idea of where that money went. And I want to again thank everyone who donated. You guys rule.

Thank you so much for your generosity and support of Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. Your donation of $900.00 on 10/20/2015 to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in support of the 9th Annual Mutt Strut has made a significant impact on our ability to serve the city’s most vulnerable pets.
Each year, tens of thousands of dogs and cats enter the city’s shelters. Whether they had been wandering the streets or abandoned by their owners, all face an uncertain future. Many are injured, sick, or neglected, and have never known the comfort and safety of a loving home. PAWS is dedicated to saving them through rescue and adoption, and preventing them from entering shelters in the first place by providing affordable veterinary care to the neediest pet owners.
As the city’s largest no-kill shelter, PAWS saves more than 2,700 animals per year who would otherwise be killed. We rescue them from the city’s animal control shelter, house them in our facilities and provide needed medical care, spay/neuter, and TLC, and place them into loving foster or adoptive homes. Every time we send an animal home, we fill that vacancy with another pet who is desperately waiting for a way out of the shelter.
PAWS also works daily to prevent pet homelessness through our low-cost Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinics. Serving nearly 24,000 animals each year, the clinics prevent the birth of countless unwanted litters and provide the veterinary care necessary for pets to remain as cherished family members. Each day, pet owners tell us our services have saved them from making the heartrending decision to give up their beloved dog or cat.
All of PAWS’ efforts are privately funded. Thousands of pets who had no place else to go are now enjoying the protection and love of a family, thanks to the support of generous donors like you.
You are an important part of PAWS’ lifesaving community. Together, we will make Philadelphia a city in which every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home.
With gratitude on behalf of the animals,

Quizzo Tonight

We’re back at it this evening with a couple of great quizzes. We start the party at Industry at 6:30 p.m. $40 gift cert for first, $20 bonus if you can reach 115 points. $3 craft beers (yeah, you heard me right), delicious food, and terrific service. IF YOU LIKE THAT KIND OF THING.

On to Bards at 9:15. Let’s get it.

Quizzo TOnight

Action starts at the Vous at 6:15. In case you missed it earlier this week, Vous GM Michele was interviewed. Good stuff.

On to Founding Fathers at 8:30. Half off all appetizers. And yes, the vaunted 7th place prize. See you tonight!

Quizzo Tonight

We kick it off at O’Neals tonight at 8 p.m. Double your gift cert if you can top 120. On to City Tap House, and you’re not gonna believe who is waiting tables: Erin from the North Star! After they closed I told her to talk to Andy at CTH. The interview went well, they hired her, and she’s gonna work quizzo nights! Very cool. Action starts at 10:15 (Last week I ran a bit behind so we started late but this week I’ll try to get there on time). Hope to see ya tonight!