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JGT Serving at Industry, Quizzing at Bards


Well, tonight’s the night. The worst idea I’ve had in a while (which is really saying something) is coming to fruition. I’ll be serving tables at the Industry and Riley (or as he wants to be called, “Goodtime Charley”) will be asking the questions. This has “sh*tshow” written all over it. Action starts at Industry at 6:30 p.m. Lord knows when it will end. I’m guessing midnight. First come, first serve on the tables, so if you want to be waited on by me, get there early.

Well somehow I’ll have to make it to Bards by 9:15, where I’ll be asking the questions my damn self, thank you very much. See you tonight.

Quizzo to Go On, Despite Snowpocalypse

Screen shot 2015-01-27 at 12.49.08 PM

Yes, quizzo is on for tonight. I will bravely trudge past the inch-and-a-half snow drifts and people sobbing for their loved ones who got buried alive by Juno to O’Neals at 8 p.m., where it’s the 100 for $100 challenge. This quiz played pretty damn tough last night. Fun but tough. Scoring 100 will be a challenge, but if you do so (and your team wins), you’ll walk away with a $100 gift cert at O’Neals (provided we get 25 or more players total.) We’re also doing all $5 apps. On to Tap House at 10:15 p.m., where we’ll be doing the free money face-off, which has proved to be quite a hit these past couple of weeks. See ya tonight, you brave and hearty souls who march into the maelstrom!

Quizzo Is On For Tonight

Action starts at North Star at 7 p.m. On to Sidecar at 9:30. If things get crazy later and we decide to cancel, I will let you know on the JGT facebook page.

$100 for 100 Points at O’Neals; Free Money Faceoff at City Tap

We kick it off tonight at O’Neals, where we’ll be trying something new…instead of our normal $50 gift cert for the winners, we’ll be giving out $100 to the winning team…if they can score 100 or more points. (the double prize activates if we get 25 or more players tonight, so be sure to bring your full squad.) Apps during quizzo are only $5, and Mexican beers are $3.50. Action starts at 8 p.m.

On to Tap House at 10:15 p.m., where we’ve kicked off the New Year with a new game…Free Money Faceoff, where players go head to head to see who can come away with a $10 gift certificate for their team. And of course we’ve got 2 for $20 pizzas and $3 Gansetts. See ya tonight!

Quizzo Tonight!

Yes, we are on for tonight. Action starts at North Star at 7 p.m. On to Sidecar at 9:30.

We’re also having a “100 point challenge” tomorrow night at O’Neals. Any team that scores 100 and wins, wins an extra $50 gift cert, making it “$100 for 100″. The only caveat is: we gotta get 30 people there for the challenge to activate. So get your crew out to O’Neals tmrw night at 8.

Bounty Bowl at Industry

bountyBounty is on for tonight at the Industry, as any team that knocks off Imaginary Pablo wins an extra $25 in addition to the normal gift cert. Action starts at 6:30.

On to Bards at 9:15 p.m. Last week, Gabe won all by himself in a remarkable performance. Can he repeat? Has he made any friends since last week? We’ll find out tonight.


Quizzo Tonight and Camden Hip-Hop

Rendezvous at 6:15. Black Sheep at 8:15. You know the deal.

Also, in things which none of you guys care about but I do, I’ve been all about Camden hip-hop this week. I started by watching this really interesting documentary a few days ago about Camden. Not many people take a good hard look at from this angle. I like that this documentary shows it from the point of view of those who live in the streets of Camden. The fish-eye lens thing is a bit disconcerting, but the doc overall is worth a watch.

And it turned me on to a lot of talented rappers in Camden. One of them, above, is the Legendary Shakil. Really love everything about this video (which is NSFW due to cussing), starting the intro where he points out how people talk all about the negativity surrounding Camden but nobody ever searches for talent there. I love how personal the song is, and how while he expresses how dangerous the city is, he still also expresses pride for where he’s from. Pride for Camden? Who would have imagined such a thing exists. But it does, and it’s real, and it’s in your face. Which, as someone who has been listening to hip hop for almost 35 years, is why I fell in love with this type of music in the first place. It took me places I never would have gone otherwise, and it showed me the world from a point of view different from those I got at home, school, and among my peers. It’s since turned into pop music at a mainstream level, but if you dig through the crates a bit, you can still find plenty of what made the music so great in the first place. The Legendary Shakil is an example of that.

(Relax, there won’t be a music round on Camden rappers coming up soon.)

Tripleheader Tonight Includes Return to the Taphouse

Action starts at the Markets at Comcast Center at 5:30 p.m. OUr first BYO quiz of the year. On to O’Neals at 8 p.m. $2 Iron City cans, $2 Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin, and $5 22oz bottles of Southern Tier Pumking. $50 gift cert for the winners. And we return to Tap House at 10:15 p.m. Free Money Faceoff in addition to the quiz. Hope to see you tonight!

Let’s Do the Damn Thing

Action starts tonight at the North STar at 7 p.m. On to Sidecar at 9:30. You know the deal. See y’all tonight.

Bounty Bowl Tonight!


Imaginary Pablo has won 8 straight at the Industry and need to be stopped. Therefore, the Dog is offering a $25 bounty to any team that can knock them off (and win overall) tonight! That’s in addition to the normal gift cert. See ya tonight!

Quizzo Tonight

We’re finally back in business at the Industry and the Bards tonight. Been surprisingly decent crowds this week. I guess my fear that everyone’s New Year’s Resolution was going to be “Play less quizzo” was unfounded. Interesting audio round tonight. Action starts at Industry at 6:30 p.m. We move to Bards at 9:15 p.m. Hope to see ya tonight!

Quizzo TOnight

Finally! Our first quiz in almost a month at the Vous and at Black Sheep. Vous starts at 6:15ish. Black Sheep at 8:15ish. Hope to see you youngsters tonight!

Quizzo Bowl XI: Motown Throwdown!

Our theme is set for Quizzo Bowl XI…it’s the Motown Throwdown! Music between rounds will be provided by the York Street Hustle, an AWESOME Soul band that I am extremely excited to share the stage with. The Bowl goes down on February 21st at World Cafe Live…tickets will go on sale in two weeks. So get your squad together and get ready for the most prestigious quizzo event in America, the Quizzo Bowl!

Only One Quiz Tonight

Hey gang, just a heads up that we’re only partying in the snow at one spot tonight, and that is O’Neals at 8 p.m. In addition to our normal madness, I’ll have some ski lift tickets to give away. The kids ain’t back from holiday yet, so we’re gonna hold off at City Tap until next Tuesday, when we’ll be returning with our quiz, and with a little face-off action. So see ya tonight at O’Neals!