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Mama Goodtimes’ Summertime Questions

My mom wrote a round for Thursday’s quiz (and asked the questions at Ugly American). Here is that round. I think you’ll agree it’s kind of tough. In fact, it was harder. I made her change a few questions to make them easier. There are only 9 questions because one of them was the question of the week. Answers are after the jump.

1. The largest beach city in Orange County, this city with beach in its name infuriated residents of Santa Cruz by trademarking the name Surf City, USA.

2. What former Philadelphia prostitute made the lyrics “Summertime, and the living is easy” famous?

3. Three species of sharks are responsible for almost all shark attacks. What three species are they?

4. This US city has by far the most days a year above 99 degrees Fahrenheit, with over 100 days a year at over 99 degrees.

5. This month, which gets its name from the Roman Goddess of weddings, has been considered the most popular month to get married for centuries, thought it now looks like that may be changing.

6. What creature kills more people per year than any other, being responsible for the death of over 2 million people per year worldwide?

7. When does the summer solstice occur in the Southern Hemisphere?

8. Folly Beach is a popular wedding destination found near what southern city?

9. Who were the two stars of Muscle Beach Party, Bikini Beach, and Beach Blanket Bingo?

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Worst Movies of the 2000s Quiz

Here is Thursday’s wild card round…worst movies of the 2000s.

1. This terrible 2009 film about an insane woman earned Sandra Bullock a Razzie, which she accepted a day before she picked up her Oscar for the Blind Side.

2. Who starred as a breakdancer who wakes up after 20 years in a coma in the film Kickin It Old Skool?

3. People were hopeful that this 2008 film would mark M. Night Shymalan’s return to greatness. Instead, it proved that he had indeed lost it.

4. Fred Savage directed this disastrous sequel to an Eddie Murphy film. It starred Cuba Gooding Jr and currently has a 2.5 rating on imdb.

5. This 2008 film starred Paris Hilton and earned a total of $9000 on its opening night, and BBC movie reviewer Mark Kermode called it a “fascist eugenic tract.”

6. Eddie Murphy played himself and his wife in this 2007 film. Here’s the punchline: She’s fat. Get it? What movie was it?

7. Richard Roeper called this 2007 Lindsay Lohan film the worst film of the 2000s.

8. After this epic disaster in 2003, Theodore Geisel’s wife banned any future adaptations of his work. What was this disastrous film?

9. Witless Protection starred one of the unfunniest humans ever to walk the planet. Who is it?

10. The storyline of this film, according to imdb: In the year 3000, man is no match for the Psychlo’s, a greedy, manipulative race of aliens on a quest for ultimate profit.

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Drew Lazor’s Questions About Food and Drink

In case you missed it last week at the Black Sheep, Drew Lazor of the City Paper (interviewed here) wrote his own quiz about food and drink. Pretty damn good questions. Here they are. Answers are after the jump.

  1. What are the three ingredients in a Manhattan?
  2. In 1988′s “Coming to America,” what is the name of the signature sandwich at the McDonald’s clone McDowell’s?
  3. What is the term for meat from an adult sheep?
  4. Hamentashen, a triangular filled pastry, is traditionally eaten in honor of what Jewish holiday?
  5. Which of the 50 states is the only one to grow coffee plants commercially?
  6. Star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan peppercorn, fennel are together known as what?
  7. What literary giant has a drink named after him that consists of white rum, lime juice, grapefruit juice, maraschino liqueur, and sugar?
  8. Which current Philadelphia chef, who runs Zahav, was recently honored with the 2011 “Best Chef Mid-Atlantic” award from the James Beard Foundation?
  9. What writer and TV personality is still considered the chef at large at the New York brasserie Les Halles?
  10. In 1987′s “Adventures in Babysitting,” what food item does a temporarily blind Brenda attempt to buy with a personal check in the bus station?

Bonus: Which pasta variety’s Italian name translates to “little ear” ?

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The “Things My Wife Knows That I Don’t” Round

Last week I did a round called Things My Wife Knows that I Don’t. It went over well, though she obviously knows a lot of things that nobody else knows…it was one of the toughest Round Threes ever. See how ya do. Answers are after the jump.

1. Although Leonardo of Pisa used rabbits to explain his famous integer sequence, a much better representation of them would be the family tree of honeybees. What are these numbers known as?

2. Some skates and sharks lay egg cases, known as these. Daryl Hannah probably knows the answer.

3. It’s not only a letter of the alphabet, it’s also a type of skirt that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem.

4. What phylum do sea cucumbers and starfish belong to?

5. In French cooking, the combination of onions, carrots and celery is known as what?

6. Horseshoe crabs have blue blood because their body contains a lot of this element.

7. From what country do we get Helvetica font, from the Roman word for the country’s name?

8. Sara Gruen wrote this book in 2006, which has since been made into a 2011 film.

9. Princess, radiant, and marquise are all what?

10. What plant gives curry its yellow color?

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Who Said It, Charlie Sheen or Gary Busey?

Here’s last week’s 50-50 round: Who said it, Charlie Sheen or Gary Busey?

  1. There has got to be more to life than being a really, really, ridiculously good actor.
  2. Sober stands for, “Son of a bitch, everything’s real.”
  3. It’s been a tsunami. And I’ve been riding it on my mercury surfboard.
  4. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.
  5. Fear is the darkroom where Satan develops his negatives.
  6. Drinking your own blood is the paradigm of recycling.
  7. I’m tired of trying to pretend I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin rock star from Mars.
  8. Resentments are the rocket fuel that lives in the tip of my saber.
  9. The ocean is your imagination. The ocean is your emotion. The sail on the boat is the golden rule. The wind that sends your boat into the sunset, that wind is your spirit. You have an anchor you don’t know you have. It’s an invisible anchor.
  10. You borrow my brain for 5 seconds and just be like, “Dude, can’t handle it! Unplug this bastard! It fires in a way that is perhaps not from this terrestrial realm.”

Answers are below.

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First Round Questions from Quizzo Bowl

Here ya go: the first round questions from Quizzo Bowl VII. Answers are below.

1. What fast food chain ran a disastrous ad campaign in 1985 called “Where’s Herb?”

2. What was the title of Helen Fielding’s sequel to Bridget Jones. It was called Bridget Jones ____________.

3. The US instituted an Open Door policy with what country in 1899, leading to a rebellion in that country the next year led by the righteous fists of harmony?

4. Falco of Rock Me Amadeus fame was born on todays date in 1957. What country  was he from?

5. In the middle ages, these were used as waterspouts to keep rainwater from damaging buildings. Now they are used more for decorational purposes, normally associated with Gothic architecture. What are they?

6. In what Florida city will you find Scientology headquarters?

7. If  someone told you to head towards the bow of a boat, would you head toward the front, back, right, or left?

8. Gary Ridgway just admitted to killing his 49th victim. What was Gary Ridgeway better known as?

9. The artist who originally recorded The Tears of a Clown turns 70s today. Who is he?

***10. What is the only person or organization to have won 3 Nobel Prizes: in 1917, 1944, and 1963?

11. What two brothers wrote the song, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”?

12. Lady Antebellum just won the Grammy for best Album. What was the name of the album?

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Geek Bowl Questions

geek bowlJohn Dicker of Geeks Who Drink was kind enough to provide me with a few rounds from the quiz so you nerds can test your mettle on the Geek Bowl in Denver. Answers are below.

Round One: On the Street Where We Quiz: a Colfax round on Cold Facts

  1. Anthony Minghella directed it, Renee Zellweger starred in it and Charles Frazier wrote the novel. What’s the title?
  2. Need the first and last name of the character responsible for the following quote: “Fact, bears eat beets. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.”
  3. The lowest recorded temperature in history: Was it closer to the North Pole or the South Pole?
  4. Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, is a member of what superhero’s rogues’ gallery?
  5. The murder at the center of In Cold Blood occurred in the home state of Melissa Etheridge and Kirstie Alley. Name the state.
  6. Colfax Avenue takes its name from Schuyler Colfax, the 17th vice president of the United States. The president he served under has been portrayed by Kevin Kline & Aidan Quinn. Who is it?
  7. Charlotte Rae played Edna Garrett in another show before The Facts of Life. Name the show.
  8. Spelling counts: What is fax, as in fax machine, short for?

Round Two: A round on Pop, Culture

  1. In e-mail terminology, what does POP stand for?
  2. What is the name of the nation’s oldest youth football and cheerleading organization?
  3. Ironically enough, the expression “When I hear the word ‘culture,’ I reach for my gun” has its origins in a play script. Is it from Nazi Germany or Revolution-era Cuba?
  4. Stonyfield Farm yogurt originated in which state, whose sole area code is 603?
  5. What Spanish-created lollipop gets its name for the Spanish word for “suck”?
  6. Fill in the blank: In 1979, Christopher Lasch published The Culture of BLANK: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations.
  7. In 2001, the US military airdropped 2.4 million of what Kellogg product on Afghanistan?
  8. What sugar-related polymer is used as a growth medium for a bacterial culture?

Round Three: Random Knowledge

  1. According to the most recently published censuses, what is the 2nd-most-populous CITY in the world’s 2nd-most-populous country AND what is the 3rd-most-populous CITY in the world’s 3rd-most-populous country?
  2. Toy Story 3:  Jodi Benson played Barbie, some 20 years after getting her start in what other animated Disney film?  Which deceased cast member from the first two films was replaced by his friend Blake Clark for the third?
  3. Name Nick Hornby’s first published novel and Kurt Vonnegut’s last published novel?
  4. On which two islands would you find wild orangutans?
  5. I’ll name a spot in a battlefield from a US military conflict, you name the battle:  Hornet’s Nest; Elsenburg Ridge.
  6. I’ll name a trophy, you give the FIRST name of its namesake: Heisman Trophy. Stanley Cup.
  7. I’ll name an IPA you name its brewer: Raging Bitch, Long Hammer.
  8. What city is the most recent season of Top Chef in? AND: name the author of Tender at The Bone who was Gourmet magazine’s final editor.

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Christmas True or False Quiz

Here’s a fun little True/False Christmas Quiz you should get a kick out of.

Impossible Round Questions from the JGTAI


  1. In what book and movie would you find a magazine editor named Miranda Priestley?
  2. This author was working on his masterpiece called Weir of Hermiston when he died of a cerebral hemmorhage in 1894.
  3. Crop rotation farmers often alternate their grains with soybeans to help fix what element in the soil?
  4. This pessimistic German philosopher, born in 1788, believed that humans were motivated only by their will to live, and that the human will was inherently evil.
  5. Who retired in 2004, 18 months after telling George Bush that WMDs in Iraq was a slam dunk.
  6. This 1994 film starred Bruce Willis, Dan Akroyd, and Reba McIntyre, but is most famous for Ebert review of it, which read, “I hated this movie. Hated, hated, hated, hated, hated this movie. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience insulting moment of it.”
  7. Peyton Hillis is on track to rush for 1,000 yards this season. The last white running back to rush for 1,000 yards in a season did so in 1985. Who was he?
  8. An oenophile is a lover of what?
  9. From 1945 to 1998, this country had two presidents, Sukarno and Suharto.
  10. Fawn Hall was this man’s secretary.

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The Brady Bunch Round

Here it is, the Brady Bunch Round we did this past Thursday. Click “More” below to see the answers. For more JGT Trivia, click here.

  1. In the opening of the Brady Bunch, who was in the middle square?
  2. Who played Jan?
  3. How many seasons did the Brady Bunch run?
  4. Most people think the show jumped the shark when this 9 year old cousin was introduced.
  5. What NFL quarterback once visited the Brady home?
  6. What singing legend was heard when the family visited Hawaii in Season 4?
  7. What disastrous spin off show aired for a season in 1981?
  8. Who played Carol in the Brady Bunch movie in 1995?
  9. What did Mike do for a living?
  10. This horror legend also appeared on the show when the Bradies went to Hawaii.

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The Golden Girls Round

Here is the round I did this week on the Golden Girls, to honor their debut 25 years ago this week.

  1. In what city did Golden Girls take place?
  2. What was the first name of Dorothy’s ex-husband on the show?
  3. What was the name of the spin off show that ran for one season in the early 90s.
  4. What nickname did Sophia have for Dorothy?
  5. Now a leading man in Hollywood, at age 26 he played a cop who saves the day in an episode of the Golden Girls.
  6. Before he became a famous writer and director, he appeared as an Elvis impersonator on the Golden Girls.
  7. Strangely, Estelle Getty starred as Sophia in an episode of this popular TV show about a family called the Russos.
  8. On what Vicki Lawrence show did Rue McLanahan star in from 1983-1984 before starring on the Golden Girls?
  9. In one of the shows more famous episodes, three of the Golden Girls go to the pharmacy to purchase not enema bags or denture grip, but _________, Rose, ________!
  10. What was the name of the nursing home where Sophia lived?
  11. (Bonus question!) What was the town and state where Rose was born?

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Stars of the Movie “Cleopatra” Quiz

cleopatra2Here’s the wild card round from Friday night’s event at the Franklin.

  1. Liz Taylor has been married to 7 different men. One point apiece: Name them.
  2. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton also both starred in this 1966 film, based on the 1962 Edward Albee play.
  3. Joseph Mankiewicz directed Cleopatra. He also directed this 1950 film, which starred Bette Davis and George Sanders and won for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor.
  4. Rex Harrison stars as Julius Caesar. 4 years later, he starred in this comedy, which was redone in 1998 with Eddie Murphy as the star.
  5. Pamela Brown played the High Priestess in Cleopatra. Three years later, she reprised her role in this musical comedy.
  6. Hume Cronyn, who played Sosigenes, later appeared as Justice Rosenberg in this 1993 film that starred Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington.
  7. Cesare Danova played Apollodorus. In 1978, he played Mayor Carmine DePasto, memorably uttering the lines, “Look these parades you throw are very expensive. So if you mention extortion again, I’ll have your legs broken.”
  8. This actor, who played Rufio, is still making movies. In 1993 he played Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood, and in ’96 he played Geppetto in the adventures of Pinocchio.
  9. Roddy McDowell played Octavius. He later starred in this 1972 classic that featured Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine.
  10. Carol O’Connor had a bit part as Casca. He is of course better known for playing what television icon a decade later?

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A Mystery Round!


Did this one a few weeks ago. Let’s see if you can figure out what the theme is to the answers of the following 9 answers. (For more tough questions, click here.)

  1. This musical duo got divorced in 2000 but have continued to rock together since.
  2. Mick Jagger had four kids with this woman, his girlfriend for 22 years.
  3. This Beatles album was released in 1966 and included the songs Eleanor Rigby, the Taxman, and Good Day Sunshine.
  4. The RT French company unveiled this, their most famous product, at the 1904 World’s Fair.
  5. What Bryan Adams song begins, “Driving home this evening, I coulda sworn we had it all worked out.”
  6. 11 year olds learned how to merengue and tango in this 2005 documentary.
  7. What is the name of the stadium the 49ers play their home games in?
  8. Sherlock Holmes first appeared in this alliterative 1887 novel.
  9. Fill in the blank on the Arcade Fire hit: My ________ is a Cage.
  10. What do the answers to numbers 1-9 have in common?

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Toughest Questions from Last Week


Answers are after the jump.

  1. Before WW2, what flavored filling did Twinkies have?
  2. What sea does the Danube River flow into?
  3. What’s the name of the acid in vinegar?
  4. The Sixers have had the #1 pick twice. Who did they pick those two times?
  5. What organ in the body destroys old red blood cells?
  6. Where does Spongebob work?
  7. What beer did ET drink?
  8. What two word question is the opening line of Hamlet?
  9. What beautiful creatures are lepidopterists big fans of?
  10. We call this animal by it’s dutch name, but if you translated it into English, it would be Earth Pig.

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