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Jams Win at Vous

road-warriorsFirst Place: Jams 115

2nd Place: Synchronized Trampoline 104

3rd Place: Pen 15 Club 86


Synchronized Trampoline Edges Superfluity at Locust Rendezvous

photo 1-1First Place: SYnchronized Trampoline 119

2nd Place: Superfluity 115

3rd Place: Crabnado 105


Synchronized Trampoline Wins Close One at Vous

photo 3First Place: Synchronized Trampoline 98

2nd Place: Pen 15 Club 96

3rd Place: Electric Mayhem 94


Prostitution is the Solution Wins at Vous

photo 1First Place: Prostitution is the Solution 77

2nd Place: Always Fifth 75

3rd Place: Jordan vs. Jackson 58


Synchronized Trampoline Gets Big Win at Vous

photo 1First Place: Synchronized Trampoline 117

2nd Place: Always Fifth 109

3rd Place: Brown Betty 102


2nd Place First Place at Vous

photo 4First Place: 2nd Place 111

2nd Place: Why Didn’t the Skeleton Cross the Street 86

3rd Place: Kenyan Shopping Spree 81


The Jams Win Big at Vous

dick-cheney-guns-dont-kill-people_thumbFirst Place: The Jams 111

2nd Place: Always Fifth 92

3rd Place: 2nd Place 91


Electric Mayhem Get the Quiz They’ve Been Waiting Years For

photo 1First Place: Electric Mayhem 101

2nd Place: Always Fifth 98

3rd Place: Now That’s a Sausage Party! 82


Always Fifth Wins at Vous

photo 2-1First Place: Always Fifth 102

2nd Place: Jams 100

3rd Place: Electric Mayhem 98


#2ndPlace #Andproud Finishes in #1stPlace

photo 1-1First Place: #2ndPlace #Andproud 99

2nd Place: L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 92

3rd Place: Honeybadgers 90


Jams Only Miss Two at Vous

k7-tka-2First Place: The Jams 127

2nd Place: Kenyan Shopping Spree 107

3rd Place: L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 97


Synchronized Trampoline Pulls Off Comeback Win at Locust Rendezvous

photo 41st Place: Synchronized Trampoline 105

2nd Place: L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 103

3rd Place: I’m Going Hard 98


Jams Win at Vous

best-picture-gallery-macro-photography-praying-mantis-markopoulos-picFirst Place: Jams 99

2nd Place: Honeybadgers 91

3rd Place: Mike! Mike! Mike! What Day Is It?…9/11 90


Synchronized Trampoline Pulls off Spectacular Come From Behind Win at the Vous


First Place: Synchronized Trampoline 87

2nd Place: Banker Mafia 87

3rd Place: The Jams 82