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Jesters of Tortuga Win at Packed Bards

DorksFirst Place: Jesters of Tortuga 118

2nd Place: Ruby Tuesday 109

3rd Place: Rob Ford Re-Election Fund 96


Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: Jesters of Tortuga Edge Underground Bard at CTH

ertretFirst Place: Jesters of Tortuga 110

2nd Place: Underground Bard 107

3rd Place: FFSF 85


Jesters of Tortuga Win By One Point at Bards

Chris-Brown-isnt-angry-anymoreFirst Place: Jesters of Tortuga 113

2nd Place: Rob Ford Re-Election Fund 112

3rd Place: Steve Horsecow 109


Jesters of Tortuga Hold Off Rob Ford Re-Election Fund at Bards

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and City Manager Joe Pennachetti  updates the media on the recent funding withdrawal announced by the Province of Ontario at City HallFirst Place: Jesters of Tortuga 95

2nd Place: Rob Ford Re-Election Fund 92

3rd Place: FU My Dog Was Euthanized Today 76


Jesters of Tortuga Bully Tough Competition at Bards

Cleveland BrownsFirst Place: Jesters of Tortuga 123

T-2nd Place: Da But 118

T-2nd Place: Twat Copter 118 


Ruby Tuesday Wins at Bards

photo 3-1First Place: Ruby Tuesday 107

2nd Place: Skeleton Steve 94

3rd Place: Hand Solo 88


Look Up Look Down Wins at Bards (Woulda Beaten Jesters)

photo 2First Place: Look Up Look Down, I’m on a Horse 117

2nd Place: Three Cheers for Trousers 85

3rd Place: Welcome to Braceland 81



I Don’t Want To Twerk Almost Knocks Off Evil Force

ted_cruz6First Place: Jesters of Tortuga 115

2nd Place: I Don’t Want to Twerk 110

3rd Place: The Faith Hills Have Eyes 92


Jesters of Tortuga Ruin Everyone’s Night Again at Bards

ted_cruz6First Place: Ted Cruz Fan Club 109

2nd Place: Paupers of the Surf 102

3rd Place: Beedle the Bards 83


Mystery Team that Everyone Loathes Wins at Bards

question-markFirst Place: Mystery Team 112

2nd Place: Mike 95

3rd Place: Boehner of My Existence 91


German Bridges Win at Bards

photo 4First Place: German Bridges 105

2nd Place: Street Fighter VI 99

3rd Place: Who Ya Gonna Call? Filibusters 95


Jesters of Tortuga Ruin Another Thursday at the Bards

miley-cyrus-wrecking-ball-video-4-650-430First Place: Jesters of Tortuga 109

2nd Place: Breaking Bards 96

3rd Place: Tequila Mockingbird 88


Jesters of Tortuga Hold On to Win at Bards

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 1.21.53 PMFirst Place: Jesters of Tortuga 94

2nd Place: The Cats Pajamas 87

3rd Place: Brendan Huffman 83


Jesters of Tortuga Win at Bards

bashar3First Place: Jesters of Tortuga 107

2nd Place: Hijacks and Jill 84

3rd Place: B====D 72