7 Days, 7 Quizzes


Koob, Nate and Kenney (the infamous Jesters of Tortuga) are going to try to do something no team has ever done before…play 7 quizzes in 7 days. He’s going to keep a diary of it on this blog all week.

And so it begins…
For the past several years the core members of my Quizzo team (Sofa Kingdom aka Jesters of Tortuga aka Independence Hall and Oates) have been talking about if it would ever be possible to play quizzo every night of the week for seven consecutive nights. The biggest obstacle to this has of course been that while it’s very easy to find multiple quizzos a night in Philadelphia on Sunday through Thursday evenings, it is very rare to find any quizzes being offered on Friday or Saturday night. Over the years we have heard rumors of mythical weekend quizzes somewhere in the suburbs or perhaps down at the Jersey Shore in the summertime but we’ve never been able to confirm anything or put a plan together.
We figured out a few years ago that if we started the quest on the Sunday before the Quizzobowl that we would have half of our problem solved since the Quizzobowl is always on a Saturday night. Therefore we would only need to find a Friday night quiz and plus how cool would it be to actually win all of the quizzes for the first six nights and then culminate it all at the end with a Quizzobowl victory. A tall order to be sure, but at least worth a shot.
Still that Friday night quiz always eluded us and we’ve never been organized enough to actually put a plan together…until now.
A few months ago, my maintenance supervisor at work mentioned that he had played a quizzo on a Friday night at a place called Dominic’s Tavern in Bellmawr, NJ. Bellmawr is pretty much right over the bridge in Jersey and is actually the town that my brother lives in. All of a sudden, it seemed that this quest might actually be achievable so I reached out to the crew to see who was interested.
I’m sure in our hey day, we would have been able to put together a solid crew of five or six who would have been up for this challenge but with everyone now getting older and married and moving away and having babies (or in the case of Garbo volunteering at a rape crisis center in the Marshall Islands for a month) we figured that there might not be many more chances to try to pull this thing off so Nate, Kenney, and myself (along with the permission of my and Nate’s wives) decided to give it a go. Nate was still not fully convinced as he joked about how far I went to perpetuate the ruse of a Friday night quizzo that I created an entire fake website for Dominic’s Tavern.
Since Johnny Goodtimes only does one quiz which is the same at all of his bars during the week leading up to Quizzobowl, we knew that we would have to mix it up and Dr. Kenney put together the schedule which is as follows:
Sunday, 1/31 – 9pm – Local 44
Monday, 2/1 – 7pm - Stogie Joe’s
Tuesday, 2/2 – 9pm - Slainte
Wednesday, 2/3 – 8pm - Westy’s Tavern
Thursday, 2/4 – 9:30pm - The Bard’s
Friday, 2/5 – 7pm - Dominic’s Tavern
Saturday, 2/6 – 8pm - Quizzobowl at the World Cafe Live
Ideally, we would love to win all seven quizzes as well but that would obviously be very tough especially with only a three-person team.  However, we plan to have some help along the way at various quizzes throughout the week and we will of course have a full 8 person team for Quizzobowl. Check back here to see how we do throughout the week, and feel free to come out and compete against us.


  • PalestraJon

    Let Koob know that Fitzwater Station in Phoenixville (right on the banks of the Schuylkill) has a Friday Night Quizzo with a $100 cash prize…not my favorite place…pretty much bad beer, bad food and cheap booze, but it is Friday Quizzo.