Congrats to John for Winning Shibe Sports Bracket-tacular

shibe bracket.jpg

Want to give a hearty congratulations to John, who won our annual Bracket-tacular. He’s won a $75 gift certificate to Shibe Vintage Sports and a $25 gift cert to Kermit’s Bake Shoppe. In 2nd, only one point out, was Matt B, and Charles Cliver finished 3rd, only two points out. Not surprisingly, no-one in the pool had either Kentucky or UConn in the championship game. Congrats also to Total Ownage, who finished in 50th place and thus won a $25 gift cert to Indsutry. Just shoot me a line at johnny (at) to claim your prizes.

I am disappointed to say, I finished 86th out of 89. And a quick shoutout to Go Temple! Wait, What? who finished last. Despite making fairly reasonable picks, they only had 4 teams reach the Sweet 16 and zero make the Final 8, finishing an astounding 27 points behind next to last. I don’t think anyone could do that poorly if they tried. (Here’s that remarkable bracket).

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the shoutout, Johnny! I’m “Go Temple! Wait, What?” I think I was in last place last year, also, when I picked Temple to win the whole thing. You should def think about instituting a last place prize.