Did Quizzo Bowl IX Really Happen, Or Was That Just a Really Strange Dream?

Where to even begin? Possibly the most surreal event of my life, and keep in mind I used to bring people into a lagoon with freaking dolphins. In the end it was a team of ringers from various parts of the country (including 5 Jeopardy champions whose career winnings equalled 1.2 Million) called “I Used to F*** Guys Like You in Prison” who won both best team name and the Quizzo Bowl itself, edging local favorites Sidecardigans 146-142. Welcome to My Face tore the roof off the building. My dad told everyone to love each other. Fastball Bob sang Wham! It was insane! I will have tons of photos, videos, scores,  Goodtimes vs. Garbo, etc. posted in the next few days. But I plan on spending my entire day today drinking Bloody Mary’s and listening to Whitesnake. Thanks for coming out last night, everybody! I hope you had as much fun as I did.

  • That’s six Jeopardy champs, thank you – one of us just happens to be a legit part of GWD. And I believe the rest prefer “free agents.”


  • Celeste D

    So I wanna know–who are these J! champs? I heard a rumor that you were all on a ToC together, but c’mon–I don’t recognize anyone in that pic! ‘Fess up.

  • is that celeste dinucci? anyway, it’s the 2011 ToC:


    thanks for the event, johnny. good times indeed! i had a blast.

  • Celeste D

    Indeed it is Celeste DiNucci. Okay, well–I suppose you’ve done your time, then. :) (I was on the Sidecardigans, at the table catty-corner from you and in the lead until the end.) Congratulations–glad that Philly was able to show you a “good enough” time!