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Father Divine, of the famous Divine Lorraine Hotel, was a 65-year old religious leader who married this 21-year old woman in 1946. She is still alive and living in the area. Who is she?

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  • tabeal uzziel

     Reverend MAJOR J. DIVINE (FATHER DIVINE) married Peninnah on June 6, 1882.

    On April 29, 1946, in Washington, D.C. FATHER DIVINE legally married SWEET
    Marriage is international, interracial and truly Spiritual in nature, and is
    for the purpose of propagating Virtue, Holiness,
    Honesty, Competence and Truth.

    It symbolizes the Marriage of CHRIST to the Church and the Union of GOD and
    The Light of Virtue and Holiness is Ever Present.
    DIVINE, in marrying Her, married everyone who has that same conviction.

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     Editor’s Note: just a year had elapsed after the Wedding on April 29, 1946.
    The First Anniversary Celebration was held at the Palace Mission Church and
    Home in Pine Brook, New Jersey. It was a beautiful occasion!

    In Her remarks, MOTHER DIVINE said to FATHER DIVINE that SHE stood for His
    children-that SHE was a symbol that represents His children all over the world.
    Therefore, SHE could well say, “I know, as YOU are married to ME, YOU
    are married to Your whole creation.’

    It is well to recognize the universality of this Marriage because it is a
    great leveler-a common denominator that unites everyone on earth who knows
    that FATHER DIVINE is GOD.

    Where there are children, there must be a Mother and a Father, FATHER DIVINE
    and MOTHER DIVINE. MOTHER said to FATHER at this time, “I want to thank
    YOU for the beautiful family that YOU have given ME.” Even after only
    a year, MOTHER felt Her deep attachment to Her children, who already were addressing
    HER as
    “MOTHER,”and SHE accepted that Title.

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     The Universality Of The Marriage

    I thank YOU, FATHER, for the blessing to see the universality of the Marriage;
    because I know as YOU are married to ME, YOU are married to Your whole creation!for
    it is not just this Personality that YOU married but YOU married the conviction
    “I know that YOU are GOD!”

    And no matter through who that conviction comes, whether it be a person in
    the likeness of a man, or a person in the likeness of a woman, or a child-still
    they are Your Bride!

    For when they accept YOU and know YOU are GOD, YOU are their Husband! YOU
    care for them as no man can! YOU give them jobs, you give them homes, comfort
    and convenience, YOU give them spiritual Understanding, YOU give them Faith
    and courage to overcome the world and all in it!

    So I thank YOU, FATHER, for the comfort and consolation that YOU brought to
    creation when YOU brought Your Body!-and then again, when YOU married Your
    creation! FATHER Dear, the love that is in My heart for YOU, I can never express!

    But as great as My love is for YOU, I know a million times greater is Your
    love for ME-for YOU have blessed ME and honored ME far above My fondest imagination!
    Truly I know I Am in heaven today!

    MRS. DIVINE smiles Her beautiful smile as SHE looks sweetly over the assembly
    and says:

    1 want to thank YOU for the beautiful family that YOU have given ME, for many
    do call ME MOTHER!-but I know that GOD is your MOTHER and you never had another!
    But from the way I see it, as the sample and the example, as the firstborn
    among many brethren, so to speak -at this point FATHER interposes and says “YOU
    are ME and I AM YOU!” Then MRS. DIVINE sweetly says: I accept that
    title, for FATHER says “YOU are ME and I AM YOU!” So, I thank YOU,
    FATHER Dear!

    I thank YOU for this beautiful celebration that YOU have given us all today,
    Darling!-so much love, so much happiness and joy, so much food. So much of
    everything that is good because we have the Body! I thank YOU, FATHER Dear!

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