Some Overrated/Underrated Questions From Last Week

Here’s some of the Overrated/Underrated questions from last week. I’ll be posting a bunch more in the coming days.

1. This teen sitcom that Ryan thinks is underrated aired from 1990-1993 and starred Corin Nemec.

2. Jenn doesn’t understand the hype over this show, which stars Jayma Mays and Jessalyn Gilsig.

3. He was the most outstanding player of the 1982 Final Four, then was a star on 3 championship Lakers teams. Rob says he’s underrated. Who is he?

4. Carl thinks that this show, which features characters named Turtle, Drama, and E, is total garbage.

5. Chip thinks the capital of Wisconsin is underrated. What is it?

6. Brian says that Lindsey Buckingham is the most underrated guitarist ever. What popular late 70s group was the lead guitarist for?

7. This receiver won 4 Super Bowls, and later ran for Governor of Pennsylvania. Jim thinks he is overrated. Who is he?

8. Jon is a big fan of Canda’s capital city. What is it?

9. This 1985 film starred Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd and took place in Russia. Rodman thinks it is underrated. What is it?

10. The three boys on this show that Chris thought was overrated were played by Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathon Taylor Thomas, and Taran Noah Smith.

Answers after the jump.

  1. Parker Lewis Can’t Lose
  2. Glee
  3. James Worthy
  4. Entourage
  5. Madison
  6. Fleetwood Mac
  7. Lynn Swann
  8. Ottawa
  9. Spies Like Us
  10. Home Improvement