The Craziest Week of Quizzo Ever? It’s Quite Possible

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll Week seemed to change everything. The Jams, Duane’s World, Steak Em Up, and L. Ron’s Diabetics all lost. (Thus confirming every stereotype you have about the relationship between nerds and sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.) Two teams won while playing their very first quizzo (7 Boobs and My Grandfather was Scottish), while the Mister Lippers won their 2nd quizzo ever.

Meanwhile, things are nuts over on the Facebook Physical Challenge Board, as people seem to have lots of pictures with themselves next to statues for some reason. If you want to score some physical challenge points, I highly suggest a trip over to facebook. You have until Monday to get a photo up of you in front of a statue.

And as if things weren’t crazy enough, Mom and Her Sun finished last at the Rendezvous, meaning I was able to capture the photo above, believed to be the first photo in world history of two black guys holding a Michael Bolton CD. They told me they were going to be blasting him on their car stereo all summer long.

I do expect things to return to some semblance of normal next week. Rejoice nerds…it’s going to be Humanities and Science week.