Let’s Celebrate the National Day of Hatred!

hatredNow here is a holiday we can get behind. May 20th in Cambodia is their National Day of Hatred (also translated as “Day of Maintaining Rage”.) It makes total sense, as it is a day when intellectual Cambodians pretty much just hate on Pol Pot. However, we think that this holiday should extend to the United States. We want to kick off the celebration with a short list of things we hate, and ask that you please celebrate this holiday by posting things you hate in the comments. It’s kind of like the airing of grievances in Festivus. 

  • Jose Reyes
  • Celine Dion
  • The movie “Step-Brothers”
  • skinny jeans (on guys)
  • House music
  • The Fox and Hound (the bar, not the movie. We love the movie.)
  • The Philadelphia Parking Authority
  • Red Sox fans
  • Scones
  • Sean Hannity